Vintage Scholastic Prefix Meanings

The main prefixes are T, TX, TJ, TK, and TW. As far as I can tell, they do not stand for acronyms. They seem to be used by Scholastic to catagorize books for different age groups, and sometimes for content.

T holds the titles from the original TAB or Teenage Book Club titles, and when they were added to, the age group they were meant for was consistently middle high school to early college-age. They encompass unabridged classics like Moby Dick and The War of the Worlds; plays from Shakespeare, detailed histories of WWI and WWII, short story collections from Saki and Edgar Allen Poe, and teen romance and car-related novels.


T-1-   Head,Gay- Boy Dates Girl*
T-2-   Head,Gay- Hi There, High School!*
T-3-               -TAB Crossword Puzzles*
T-4-               -Hit Parade of Short Stories*
T-5-               -TAB Animal Tales- 1953
T-6-   London, Jack- White Fang
T-7-   Gault, William Campbell- Thunder Road*
T-8-   Cavanna, Betty- A Girl Can Dream*
T-9-   Alcott, Louisa May -Little Women
T-10-  Miller, Warren Hastings- Two Hands and a Knife*
T-11-  Masefield, John- Jim Hastings*
T-12-  Felsen, Henry Gregor-Bertie Makes a Break*
T-13-  Montgomery, Rutherford- Carcajou
T-14-  Longstrreth, T. Morris- Elephant Toast *
T-15-  Hill, Allison- The Kid Who Batted 1,000 *
T-16-  Knight, Eric- Lassie Come Home
T-16-  Jewett, Eleanore- Mystery of the Mooncusser * (original title: Mystery at Boulder Point)- Illustrated by:  Jay Hyde
T-17-  Masin, Herman- For Laughing Out Loud*
T-18-  Pyle, Howard- Men of Iron*
T-19-  Bryant, Chester- The Lost Kingdom*
T-20-  Lauber, Patricia- Magic Up Your Sleeve*
T-21-  Head, Gay- Etiquette for Young Moderns-
T-22-  Allen, Merritt- The Mudhen*
T-23-  White, Robb- The Lion’s Paw * – Illustrated by Ralph Ray; Cover by Charles Beck
T-25-  Jewett, Eleanore-Hidden Treasure of Glaston *-Illustrator: Charles Beck
T-26-  Kjelgaard,Jim- Irish Red- Illustrator: Bruno Frost- 1963
T-27-  Nordhoff, Charles- The Pearl Lagoon*
T-28-  Meador, Stephen W.- Down the Big River *
T-29-  Boylston, Helen Dore- Sue Barton, Rural Nurse*
T-30-  Seaman, Augusta Huiell- The Mystery of the Empty Room
T-31-  Montgomery, Rutherford-Midnight *
T-32-  Teen Scholastic- Jokes and More Jokes-*
T-33-  Morgan, De Wolfe- Great Pyramid Mystery*
T-34-  Cavanna, Betty- Spurs for Suzanna *- Cover illustration by Genia
T-35-  Breck, Vivian- High Trail*
T-36-  Summers, James L.- Girl Trouble*
T-37-                 – Silver Saddles*
T-38-  Meigs, Cornelia- Invincible Louisa: The Story of the Author of Little Women- Cover illustration: Ronni Solbert
T-39-  Montgomery, Rutherford- Ghost Town Adventure
T-40-  Verral, Charles S.- Captain of the Ice *
T-41-  Hinkle, Thomas C.- Silver* -1956- Cover Illustration: Erwin G. Hoffman
T-42-  Hinkle, Thomas C.- Tawny *
T-43-  Boylston, Helen Dore- Sue Barton Student Nurse *
T-44-  Lambert, Janet- Star-Spangled Summer  *
T-45-  Brown, Joe David- Stars in My Crown *
T-46-  Montgomery,Rutherford- Husky *
T-47-  Montgomery, Rutherford- Gray Wolf *
T-48-  Verral, Charles Spain- Champion of The Court- Cover illustrator: Miller Pope.
T-49-  Holt, Stephen- The Phantom Roan*
T-50-  Balch, Glenn- Indian Paint
T-51-  Allen, Merritt P- The Mudhen and the Walrus*
T-51-  Salten, Felix- Bambi
T-52-  Shurtleff, Bertrand- Long Lash *
T-53-  Larom, Henry- Mountain Pony*
T-54-  Hinkle, Thomas C -Black Storm-1964*
T-55-  Cottrell, ed.- That Dog Spike and Other Stories*
T-56-  Girvan, Helen- Blue Treasure*
T-57-  Scholz, Jackson- Gridiron Challenge *
T-58-  Andrews,Ned-  Cowdog-
T-59-  Friendlich, Dick- Pivot Man
T-60-  Kjelgaard, Jim- Outlaw Red
T-61-  Cavanna, Betty- The Black Spaniel Mystery-* Illustrator: Georgette Delattre.
T-62-  Reed, Dena- Follow Your Star*
T-63-  Larom, Henry- Mountain Pony and the Pinto Colt* – Cover illustrator: Leo Sommers; Text illustrator: Sam Savitt
T-64-  Pease, Howard- Ship Without a Crew*
T-65-  Kjelgaard, Jim- A Nose for Trouble*
T-66-  Roberts, C.G.D- Red Fox . *
T-67-  Stanford, Don- The Red Car*
T-68-  White, Robb- Secret Sea  *
T-69-  Kjelgaard, Jim- Buckskin Brigade
T-70-  Emery, Anne-Senior Year*
T-71-  Darling, Esther Birdsall- Baldy of Nome *
T-72-  Garst, Shannon- Buffalo Bill*
T-73-  Boylston, Helen Dore- Sue Barton Senior Nurse *
T-74-  Harkins, Philip- Touchdown Twins *
T-75-  Stevenson, Robert Louis- The Black Arrow-1965
T-76-  Williams/Epstein- The Great Houdini-1968
T-77-  Tunis, John- The Kid Comes Back*
T-78-  Grew, David- Beyond Rope and Fence  *
T-79-  Hines, Jack- Wolf Dogs of the North *
T-80-  Emery, Anne- Scarlet Royal- 1961
T-81-  Berger, Eric, ed.- Best Short Shorts- 1958
T-82-  Gage, Joseph- Yukon Mystery (original title: Trail North to Danger)- 1957
T-83-  Big Red, by Jim Kjelgaard- Illustrator: Farrell Collett*
T-84-  Montgomery, Rutherford- Yellow Eyes*- 1957- Illustrator: Farrell Collett
T-85-  Dolson,Hildegaard- We Shook the Family Tree – 1958- Illustrator: Robert Day
T-86-  Head, Gay- You’re Asking Me  *
T-88-  Summers, James L.- Prom Trouble  *
T-89-  Queen Jr., Ellery- The Green Turtle Mystery*- 1958- Illustrator- Jerry Robinson
T-90-  Bagnold, Enid- National Velvet- 1957
T-91-  Schuman, Sylvie, ed.- For Girls Only*
T-92-  Twain, Mark- The Prince and The Pauper- 1958-abridged
T-93-  Hinkle, Thomas C.- Shag *- Illustrator: Sam Savitt
T-94-  Holt, Stephen- Prairie Colt *
T-95-  Balch, Glenn- Wild Horse Tamer*
T-96-  Sewell, Anna-Black Beauty
T-97-  Emery, Anne- Sorority Girl*- – Illustrator:  Richard Horwitz
T-98-  Queen Jr., Ellery- The Golden Eagle Mystery*
T-99-  Rockowitz, M.- Crosswords for Teen Agers
T-115- Payton, K.M.- Pennington’s Heir
T-124- Stolz, Mary- To Tell Your Love
T-125- Tunis,John- Highpockets-1966
T-132- Friendlich, Dick- Line Smasher
T-134- Binns, Archie- Here Buster (original title Sea Pup)* – Illustrator: Robert Candy; cover illustrator: Bernard Krigstein
T-139- Davis, Lavinia R.- Come Be My Love*
T-140- Ogilvie, Elisabeth- Blueberry Summer-
T-141- Davis, Lavinia R.- Hobby Horse Hill- Illustrator: Charles Beck
T-139- Wyndham, Lee- Candy Stripers
T-142- Emery, Anne- Going Steady at least two different covers
T-145- Mowat, Farley- Two Against the North (original title Lost in the Barrens)* Illustrator: Charles Geer
T-146- Cavanna, Betty- Going On Sixteen- 1962
T-147- Felsen,Henry Gregor- Bertie Comes Through*
T-148- Stolz, Mary- The Sea Gulls Woke Me- 1964*
T-149- Silliman, Leland- Golden Cloud: Palomino of Sunset Hill- 1960 – Illustrator: Pers Crowell
T-182-Pease, Howard- Mystery at Thunderbolt House
T-185- White, Robb- Up Periscope-1965*
T-188- Annixter, Paul- Swiftwater- 1960
T-189- Wyndham, Lee- Golden Slippers- Illustrator: Leslie Goldstein
T-191- Ogilvie, Elizabeth- The Fabulous Year*
T 192- McSwigan, Marie- Three’s A Crowd-
T-193- Emery, Anne- Mountain Laurel*
T-195- Whitney, Phyllis A.- The Highest Dream-*
T-197- Voight, Virginia- Mystery at Deer Hill-1964*
T-198- Du Jardin, Rosamond- Wait for Marcy- 1960*
T-200- Scott, Sir Walter- Ivanhoe-
T-210- Poe, Edgar Allen.-Ten Great Mysteries- 1960- – Illustrator:   Irv Docktor
T-234- Sherburne, Zoa- Almost April- 1961*
T-242- Harkins, Philip- Road Race- 1968
T-243- Brondfield, Jerome- Bittersweet-Stories and Poems from Scholastic Writing Awards-1964
T-250- Verne Jules- The Mysterious Island-1964
T-253- Stanford, Donald- The Horsemasters- 1961- Illustrator:  Al Brule
T-254- Sherburne, Zoa- Almost April- 1961
T-255- Heller, Jack, ed.- Jokesmith’s Jubilee- Illustrator:   George Wilde
T-276- Simon, Tony, ed.-Hit Parade of Horse Stories- 1965*
T-280- Dickens, Charles- A Tale of Two Cities-
T-290- Poe, Edgar Allen.-Eight Tales of Terror- 1961
T-292- Shirer, William L.-The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler- 1961
T-310- Twain, Mark- Mark Twain’s Best
T-314- Sperry, Armstrong- Call It Courage-
T-320- Hawthorne, Nathaniel- The Scarlet Letter-
T-340- Bronte, Emily- Wuthering Heights-
T-350- London,Jack- Call of The Wild-1965
T-351- Du Jardin, Rosamond Neal- Practically Seventeen (at least two covers)
T-352- Holmes, Marjorie- Saturday Night- 1962
T-353- Ruth, Babe  as told to Bob Considine – The Babe Ruth Story- 1961
T-354- Stanford, Don- The Treasure of the Coral Reef
T-355- Sherburne, Zoe- Jennifer- 1959
T-356- Marshall, Catherine.- Julie’s Heritage- 1957
T-370- Crane, Stephen.- The Red Badge of Courage
T-380- Hardy, Thomas- Return of the Native
T-381- Montgomery, R.G.- Broken Fang -1963
T-383- Carson, John F.- The 23rd Street Crusaders -1963
T-385- Serraillier,Ian- Escape From Warsaw (original title The Silver Sword)- 1966
T-386- Walden,Amelia- Three Loves Has Sandy-
T-387- Emery, Anne- High Note, Low Note
T-388- Jim Kjelgaard-Fire- Hunter-1962*
T-389- Nielsen, Jean- The Golden Dream- 1962
T-390- Twain, Mark-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
T-391- LeVien, Jack and John Lord- Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years-1962*
T-400- Austen, Jane- Pride and Prejudice – 1962- Illustrator: Jerry Robinson
T-401- Aldrich, Beth Streete- A Lantern in Her Hand- 1962- Illustrator: Don Lynch**
T 408- Olsen, Oluf Reed- Assignment: Spy (abridged from Two Eggs on my Plate)-1962
T-410- Bronte, Emily- Jane Eyre
T-416- Lyons,Dorothy- Golden Sovreign-1963
T-417- Arora, Shirley L.- Tiger on the Mountain (original title What Then, Ramon?)*
T-420- Stevenson, Robert L- Kidnapped-1963- Illustrator: David Lockhart – Cover by John P. Roberts
T-421- Patterson, Floyd (with Milton Gross)- Victory Over Myself-1963
T 425- Patchett, Mary Elwyn- Golden Dog (original title: Golden Dog og the Australian Bush)- 1963* Cover illustration: G. Don Ray
T-430- Verne, Jules- 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea-
T-431- Montagu, Ewen- The Man Who Never Was*
T-438- Colby, C.B.- Strangely Enough!-  1963- Illustrator: David Lockhart-abridged
T-444- Rama Rau, S- Home To India- 1966- Cover illustrator: Ruth Sanderson

T-460- Kipling, Rudyard- Captains Courageous- 1962
T-462- Olson, Gene- The Red Red Roadster- 1963
T-466- York,Carol B.- Sparrow Lake- 1962*
T-468- Kisinger,Grace- The New Lucinda- 1963*
T-470- Kipling, Rudyard- Kim
T-474- Colby, C.B. – Strangely Enough – 1963*
T-477- Bialk, Elisa- Marty On The Campus-1963*
T-479- Hickok,Lorena A- The Road to the White House-1963*
T-480- Dickens, Charles- David Copperfield
T-483- Head, Gay- First Love-1963*
T-484- Hersey, John- Of Men and War*
T-487- Stories of Suspense- 1963- Cover Illustrator: Irv Docktor
T-488- Berna, Paul- Horse Without a Head- 1964- Illustrator: Jon Neilson
T-490- Shakespeare, William- Julius Caesar
T-500- Tolstoy, Leo- War and Peace-1967
T-502- Ainsworh, Norma Ruedi- Hit Parade of Mystery Stories-*1967
T-508- Nielsen, Jean- Fair Exchange- 1964- Illustrator: John Fernie
T-510- Melville, Herman- Billy Budd
T-514- Sperry, Armstrong- Call It Courage- 1963- Illustrator: Dom Lupo
T-515- Emery, Anne- Campus Melody
T-520- Eliot, George- Silas Marner- 1963
T-521- Taylor, Irma McCall-Danger Zone (original title: Perilous Journeys)-1963
T-524- Scholastic Books Junior Division Writing Awards- Peppermint
T-530- Wells, H.G- The Time Machine & Other Stories-1969
T-537- Waite, Helen E.- Valiant Companions (original title: Helen Keller and her Miracle Worker)-1967* – Cover illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
T-540- Wells, H.G.- The Invisible Man-
T-541- Stirling, Dorothy – MaryJane- 1964-
T-543- Richards,Vyvyan- Portrait of T.E. Lawrence-1964
T-550- Stevenson, Robert Louis- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories-1963
T-560- Defoe, Daniel- Robinson Crusoe
T-562- Baker Robin as told to Roger Bateman- Land Rovers-1964*
T-564- Robert Blake, compiler- 101 Elephant Jokes- 1964 – Cover illustrator: William Hogarth- 35 Cents
T-568- Klaben, Helen and Day, Beth- Hey, I’m Alive- 1965
T-573- Hurley, Richard J., ed.- Beyond Belief-1966*
T-574- Somerfelt,  Aimee- Miriam
T-576- Lawson, Don- The United States in WWI-1963*
T-578- Shaler, Elanor- Gaunt’s Daughter- 1964
T-579- Edwards, Jane.- What Happened to Amy?- 1965
T-580- Conrad, Joseph- Lord Jim
T-583- Finney,Gertrude E.- The Plums Hang High*
T-585- Aldrich, Beth Streeter- A White Bird Flying
T-588- Whitney, Phyllis A.- Willow Hill-
T-590- Doyle, Sir Arthur C.- Hound of The Baskervilles- 1966
T-597- Kennedy, John F.- Profiles In Courage- 1964 – Abridged
T-599- Saki- Humor Horror and the Supernatural- 1965
T-604- Carlsen, Ruth Christopher and Robert G. Carlsen- The Great Auto Race and Other Stories of Men and Cars- 1965*
T-605- York, Carl Beach- Where Love Begins
T-610- Wister, Owen- The Virginian- 1964- Illustrator: Steele Savage
T-617- Lawrence, R.N.- Date Talk- Illustrator: Irwin Greenberg- Cover photo: Milton Charles
T 618- Verne, Jules- A Journey to the Center of the Earth-1965
T-619- Verne, Jules- From The Earth to the Moon-1965 Illustrator: Raul Mina Mora
T 620- Verne, Jules- Around the World in Eighty Days
T-622- Tinkle, Lon, consulant- The Last Bullet- 1965
T-626- Graham, Frank, Hyman, Dick- Baseball Wit and Wisdom: Folklore of a National Pastime (abridged)- 1965
T-628- Shirreffs, Gordon D.- The Mystery of the Haunted Mine (original title The Haunted Treasure of the Espectros)- 1962*
T-629- McCullough, Margaret-  Second Year Nurse- 1966
T-630- Dickens, Charles- – Great Expectations
T-631- Whitney, Phyllis- Mystery of  The Haunted Pool-1964
T-632- Sherburne, Zoa- Stranger in the House- 1963- Cover illustrator: Ethel Gold
T-640- Hawthorne, Nathaniel- House of Seven Gables- 1964
T-642- Sandoz, Mari-Winter Thunder and Other Stories-1965*
T-645- Cleary, Beverly- Jean and Johnny-
T-654- Clause, Frank & McBride, Patty- Strike!- 1965
T-656- Eddy, Roger- The Wordly Adventures of a Teen-Age Tycoon (abridged from The Bulls and the Bees)
T-660- London, Jack- Stories of the North-1966- Illustrator: Jacqueline Tomes
T-675- Scholastic Books- Scholastic Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms- 1965
T-676 – Lawson, Don- The United States in Korean War- Feb 1965
T-683- Holmes, Marjorie- Senior Trip
T-684- Garthwaite, Marion- Bright Particular Star- 1958 ***
T-685- Bartholomew, Carol- My Heart Has Seventeen Rooms- 1965 Cover: Wayne Blickenstaf
T-709- Lambert,Janet- The Stars Hang High – 1965- Illustrator: John Fernie
T-711- Lambert,Janet- Introducing Parri  (at least two covers)
T-713- Lambert, Janet- Forever and Ever
T-715- Lambert,Janet- Wedding Bells – 1966
T-718- Friendlich,Dick- Relief Pitcher- 1966
T-721- Carlsen, Ruth Christoffer and G. Robert- 52 Miles To Terror
T-724- Doss, Helen, The Family Nobody Wanted-
T-725- MacPherson, Tom- Dragging and Driving-1965
T-728- Carlsen, Ruth Christopher and Robert G. Carlsen-52  Miles to Terror and Other Stories of the Road- 1966*
T-735- Cone, Molly- The Real Dream- 1964*
T-742-                      -A Matter of Choice and Other Story for Today- 1965
T-743- Davis, Russell- Marine at War- 1965- 45 cents
T-753- Trapp, Maria- The Story of The Trapp Family Singers-1973
T-779- Budd, Elaine- Young Beauty- 1967
T-783- Keating,Ben- The Mosquito Fleet- 1966
T-787- Manners, William- Father and the Angels
T-789- Anderson/Leeming- Marmaduke-
T-795- Fritz, Jean- Brady: A Story of the Underground-1960
T-799- Arnothy, Christine- I am Fifteen and I Don’t Want To Die
T-833- Marsh, John- The Young Winston Churchill*
T-883- Williams, Patrick J- The Fastest Funny Car-1970*
T-891- Stevenson, Robert Louis- The Wrong Box- adapted by Josephine Ohayon- 1966*
T-896- Owen, Betty M., ed.- Stories of the Supernatural-
T-899- Cornell, James- Unbelievable But True-
T-905- Ripley- Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ghost Stories and Plays-
T-909- Reilly, Robert T.-  Fighting Prince of Donegal- 1966
T-929- Fisher, James- The Avion my Uncle Flew- 1967
T-958- Porter,CF- The Battle of the 1,000 Slain-*
T-935- Nevill, Emily- It’s Like This, Cat-1967
T-942- Shelley, Mary- Frankenstein-
T-844- Noble, Iris – Megan- 1965- Cover illustration by Robert Richards
T-955- Offit, Sidney- Adventures of Homer Fink
T-999- Gelman,Steve- Young Olympic Champions-
T-1002-Snyder, Zilpha Keatley- The Velvet Room-1965
T-1011- Osann, K.- Tizzy- 1967- Author Illustrated
T-1013-Rowe, Viola- Freckled and Fourteen- 1967- Illustrator:   Jacqueline Tomes
T-1078-Berry, Jim- Berry’s World- 1968
T-1112-Snyder- Black and Blue Magic-
T-1013-Rowe, Viola- Freckled and Fourteen- 1965 *
T-1054-Gault, William Campbell Two-Wheeled Thunder
T-1226- Lichty- Grin and Bear It- 1966- Author Illustrated
T-1304-Knowlton, Bill- Classroom Chuckles-
T-1331-Bradbury, Blanca- “Lots of Love Lucinda”-
T-1667 Nofziger, Ed-Animalogic- 1970.
T-1889-Links, Marty- Emmy Lou- 1971-

TK holds titles for early adult tastes: such as novels like The Three Investigators series,  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and other Disney comedies, Gentle Ben and other TV-related novels, joke books, statistics on sports, rock music (reflecting this category’s appearance in the 1960s), and word games.


TK- 15- Allison, Bob and Frank Ernest Hill- The Kid Who Batted 1,000- Illustrator: Erin G. Hoffman
TK-  85- Dolson, Hildegarde- We Shook the Family Tree-April 1962*
TK-312- Glines, Jr., Lt. Col. Carroll V.- Heliocopter Rescues- Illustrated with black and white photographs
TK- 350- London, Jack- Call of the Wild-1963
TK- 450- Dickens, Charles- A Christmas Carol-1962
TK- 461- Jordan, Hope Dahle- Three Desperate Days (original title Take Me to my Friend)- 1964*
TK- 540- Wells, H.G.- The Invisible Man
TK- 605- York, Carol Beach- Where Love Begins- copyright 1963*
TK- 650- James, Henry- The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories-1966
TK- 719- Bishop, Jim- The Day Lincoln Was Shot-1965
TK- 722- Gilbert, Nan- The Unchosen-
TK- 724- Doss, Helen- The Family That Nobody Wanted-1977
TK- 730- Hardy, Thomas- Far From The Madding Crowd- 1968
TK- 740- Shakespeare, William- The Taming of The Shrew-1967-
TK- 768- Cousteau, Jacques Yves with Frederic Dumas-The Silent World- 1966
TK- 769- Widder, Arthur- Adventures in Black- copyright 1962*
TK- 786- Hale, Arlene-Nothing but a Stranger-1966***
TK  790- Shakespeare, William- Romeo and Juliet-February 1969*
TK- 780- Wyss, Johann- The Swiss Family Robinson-1975- Abridged by Nora Kramer
TK- 788- Gipson, Fred- Old Yeller- 1965
TK- 810- Dickens, Charles- Oliver Twist- 1969
TK- 838- Born, Franz: The Man Who Invented the Future- translated from German by Juliana Biro (original title: Der Mann der die Zukunft erfand)
TK- 841- Sansan as told to Bette Lord- Eighth Moon- March 1966*
TK- 880- Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan- Carmilla-*
TK- 901- Ripley/Hartswick- Detectograms and Other Puzzles-1965
TK- 903- Wyndham, Lee- The Lady With The Lamp The Story of Florence Nightingale-1970- llustrator: Mort Kunstler
TK- 911- Laing, Frederick- A Question of Pride- 1967***
TK- 930- Jackson, Helen- Ramona (abridged)-1973
TK- 970- Stoker, Bram- The Jewel of Seven Stars- (abridged)-1972
TK- 978- Jackson, Shirley- Raising Demons-1959
TK-1020- Porter, Eleanor-  Pollyanna (abridged)- 1975
TK-1005- Bonham, Frank- Durango Street-
TK-1020- Porter, Eleanor H.- Pollyanna-1975
TK-1034- Stolz, Mary- And Love Replied- 1968
TK-1056- Brondfield,Jerome, ed.- Night in Funland and Other Stories from Literary Cavalcade- 1968
TK-1057- Fry, Varian.- Assignment: Rescue- 1970
TK-1083- Pomeroy,Pete- Wipeout!- copyright 1968*
TK-1098- Devaney, John- Bart Starr- 1967*
TK-1105- Devaney, John- The Baseball life of Mickey Mantle-1969
TK-1106- Gelman, Steve- Pro Football Heroes-
TK-1115- Stahl,Ben- Blackbeard’s Ghost- copyright 1965-  Cover illustrated with photographs from the Disney movie
TK-1151- Selsam, Millicent- All Kinds of Babies- 1967
TK-1161- Walt Disney Productions-The Happiest Millionaire- 1968***
TK-1162- Helen Griffiths- The Greyhound- 1962-
TK-1172- Shute, Nevil- On The Beach
TK-1198- Bolt, Robert- A Man For All Seasons-1967
TK-1218- Anderson and Leeming- Marmaduke Rides Again-1968
TK-1244- Phillips, Leon- Split Bamboo- copyright 1966*
TK-1251-Wolff, Ruth- Linsey Herself- April 1968
TK-1252- Chamberlain, William- The Zone of Sudden Death and Other Stories of Combat
TK-1262- Burch, Robert- Queenie Peavy- copyright 1966*
TK-1277- Carleton, Barbee Oliver-Mystery of the Witches’ Bridge (original title The Witches’ Bridge)- January 1969*
TK-1294- George, Jean- My Side of the Mountain –
TK 1298- Jackson, Shirley – Life Among the Savages-September 1968*
TK-1305- Jeffries, Roderic- Against Time!- copyright 1962*
TK-1310- Daly, Maureen- Seventeenth Summer
TK-1323- Amerman, Lockhart-Guns In The Heather-
TK-1331- Bradbury, Bianca- Lots of Love, Lucinda-
TK-1381- Bennett, Jay- Deathman, Do Not Follow Me-
TK-1389- Fleming, Ian- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-1964 Illustrator:John Burningham
TK-1426- Rook, David- Run Wild, Run Free (original title: The White Colt)- printing September 1969*
TK-1437- Vecsey, George- Pro Basketball Champions-  1970- Illustrated with photographs
TK-1456- Schulz, Charles – He’s Your Dog Charlie Brown!- 1968- author illustrated
TK-1469- White, Dale- Is Something Up There-1968
TK-1559- Evarts, Hal- Smugglers Road-1970
TK-1578- Hautzig, Esther- The Endless Steppe:A Girl In Exile-1968
TK-1582- Decker, Sunny- An Empty Spoon-1970- Illustrated with photographs
TK-1593- L’Engle,Madeleine- A Wrinkle in Time- copyright 1962*
TK 1603- Parker,Richard- Gilda (original title: The House That Guilda Drew)-copyright 1963*
TK-1603- Sonneborn, Ruth- The Lollipop Party- Illustrator: Brinton Turkle
TK-1611- Turner, Gerry- Stranger From The Depths- Cover Illustratiobn Emanuel Schongut
TK-1613- Whitney, Phyllis A- The Mystery of the Crimson Ghost-1970
TK-1651- Vecsey, George- Harlem Globetrotters- copyright 1970- Illustrated with photographs*
TK-1655- Styles, Showell- Mystery of The Fleeing Girl (orig.title: Journey With A Secret)-1970 – Illustrator: Dom Lupo
TK-1684- Hurwood, Burnhardt J.- Ghosts Ghouls & Other Horros- 1971
TK-1685- Greene, Constance C.- A Girl Called Al-January 1971*- Cover illustration by Ethel Gold
TK-1701- Gordon, A.C.- Solv-A-Crime-1975
TK-1733- Forman,James- My Enemy, My Brother- copyright 1969*
TK-1782- Zapf, Majorie A.–The Mystery of the Great Swamp- 1967- Illustrator: Charles Robinson***
TK-1802- Dachs, David-  Pop/Rock Question and Answer Book copyright 1971*
TK-1804- Sherburne, Zoa-The Girl Who Knew Tomorrow- 1971*
TK-1821- Doherty, Peggy (ed.)- Time Bomb, and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense- 1971
TK-1824- Walsh, Martin- Stranger Than Fiction: Weird Stories and Ghostly Happenings- copyright 1973*
TK-1884- Hagon, Priscilla- Castle of Fear  (original title: Mystery at Saint Hilaire)- Cover Illustration: William Plummer
TK-1891- Platt, Kin- The Blue Man- 1971 – Illustrator: Ray Kursar
TK-1936- Norment, John- You’ve Got to be Joking- copyright 1971
TK-1941- Cohen, Joel H- Johnny Unitas-1971
TK-1958- Chilton, Irma- Nightmare!- 1971
TK-1959- Leach, Christopher- Kate’s Story- 1959
TK-1973- Verne,Jules – 20,000 Leagues under the Sea- 1971
TK-1987- Bock, Hal- Dynamite on Ice The Bobby Orr Story- 1972- Illustrated with Photographs
TK-2012- Ronan, Margaret & Eve- Astrology and Other Occult Games- 1972
TK-2055- Bawden, Nika – A Handful of Thieves
TK-2058- Ryan, Betsy, ed.- Sound of Silence- 1972
TK-2064- Arundel,Honor- Emma In Love- 1973
TK-2084- Hurwood, Bernhardt J.- 1972
TK-2094- Vecsey, George- Frazier/Ali- 1972- 75 cents
TK-2167- Hurwood, Burnhardt J. – Chilling Ghost Stories-
TK-2169- Arundel,Honor- Emma’s Island-1968
TK-2170- Bradbury,Bianca- Love is Never Enough (original title: A New Penny)-1972
TK-2171- Hudson, James A.- The Osmond Brothers-November 1972*
TK-2218- Archer,Jules- They Made a Revolution: 1776-February 1973*
TK-2227- Thompson, Harlan- Silent Running- Sep 1972-  Photo Illustrations
TK-2249- Ellis, Mel- Flight of the White Wolf
TK-2263- Goldberger, Miriam- New Girl and Other Stories of Teen Life -1972
TK-2269- Travers, P.L.- Mary Poppins- 1972 Illustrator- Mary Shepard
TK-2287- Gergen, Joe- Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys- 1972-  Photo Illustrations
TK 2297- Solomon,Louis- TV’s First Family “All in the Family” -April 1973*
TK-2360- Spiegel, Marshall- The Cycle Jumpers- copyright 1973*
TK-2366- Arundel, Honor- Emma In Love- 1973
TK-2371- Armstrong,William- Sounder- 1972 Illustrated with photos from the 20th Century Fox film
TK-2379- Curry, Jane Louise- The Mysterious Shrinking House (Original title: Mindy’s Mysterious Miniature)- Illustrator: Charles Robinson
TK-2375- Borisoff, Norman- You Might Even Like It- 1973
TK-2379- Curry, Jane Louise- The Mysterious Shrinking House (Original title: Mindy’s Mysterious Miniature)- Illustrator: Charles Robinson
TK-2388- Duncan, David- Strange but True 22 Amazing Stories- 1973- Illustrator: Gerry Contreras ***
TK-2391- Olsen, Zoro Louise- Herman The Great- 1973- Illustrator:  Barbara Cooney
TK-2408- Friedman, Favius- Great Horror Stories- Feb 1974- Ilustrated wit B/W movie stills
TK-2432- Owen, Betty M., ed.- Nine Strange Stories- April 1974
TK-2437- Holt, Stephen- Wild Palomino- April 1973*
TK-2440- Comenos, Cally and Ballenberg, Mary-Ann- Tons of  Trivia- 1973
TK-2441- Shultz, Charles- You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown***
TK-2442- Gardner/Caruso- Disney’s World’s Greatest Athlete-
TK-2452- Sahadi, Lou- Griese/Czonka: The Miami Dolphins’ One Two Punch,-October 1973*
TK-2457- The TV Doctors, by Louis Solomon- April 1974*
TK-2460- Arundel, Honor- Family Failing- 1973
TK-2470- Francis, Dorothy Brenner- Murder in Hawaii-1973
TK-2471- Anderson, Brad- More Marmaduke- 1973
TK-2518- Hurwood, Burnhardt J.- Strange Curses- Mar 1975
TK-2529- Arundel, Honor- The High House- Illustrator: Eileen Armitage
TK-2613- Gray, Elizabeth Janet- Adam of the Road- December 1973*
TK-2639- Peyton, K. M.- If I Ever Marry (Original title: The Beethoven Medal)- 1971- Illustrator: Marcy Gold
TK-2646- Haynes,  Betsy-  Slave Girl (original title: Cowslip)- 1973
TK-2742-Boston, L.M.- The Sea Egg- 1975- Illustrator: Gerry Contreras
TK-2755- Arundel, Honor- Love is a Blanket Word (original title: The Blanket Word)-copyright 1973*
TK-2762- Porter, C. Fayne- The Day They Hanged the Sioux and Other Stories from Our Indian Heritage- 1974
TK-2794- Cleaver, Vera; Cleaver, Bill- Where the Lilies Bloom- May 1974
TK-2866- Davidson, Gladys-Sinbad’s Seven Voyages and Other Stories From The Arabian Nights- 1974-
TK-2870- Haas, Patricia Cecil- Swampfire- 1974- Illustrator: Charles Robinson
TK-2953- Felser, Larry- OJ Simpson: Football’s Record Rusher October 1974*
TK 2899- Raskin, Joseph and Edith- Ghosts and Witches Aplenty – More Tales Our Settlers Told- 1973
TK-2922- Arthur, Robert- Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators: The Mystery of the Talking Skull- 1974- Illustrator:  Harry Kane
TK-2950- Catherall, Arthur-Kidnapped by Accident-October             1974*
TK-2951- Brink, Carol Ryrie- Caddie Woodlawn- 1975- Illustrator: Trina Schart Hyman
TK-2953-Davidson, Gladys- Sinbad’s Seven Voyages and Other Stories from The Arabian Nights- 1974
TK-2960- Wood, Phyllis Anderson- The Night Summer Began (Orig. title: Andy)
TK-2994- Laird, Jean- Fried Marbles and Other Fun-To-Do Projects- 1975
TK-2995- Perl, Lila- That Crazy April-
TK-2997- Snyder, Zilpha Keatley- The Changeling- 1974
TK-3044- Fennell,Alan- Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World December 1974*
TK-3068- Lingard,Joan- No Place for Love (original title: Into Exile)- copyright 1973*
TK-3094-De Saint Exupery, Antoine- The Little Prince- 1975- Author illustrated
TK-3114-Koch Claude – The Kite in the Sea-1975
TK-3121- Herz,Peggy- All About ‘Rhoda-copyright 1975*
TK-3155- Ellis, M.- When Lightening Strikes-
TK-3165- Allan, Mabel Esther-  A Chill in the Lane: A Ghost Story
TK-3197- O’Brien, Robert C.-Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH- Illustrator: Zena Bernstein
TK-3206- Crume, Vic- Gus- copyright 1976*
TK-3212- Corcoran, Barbara-The Watching Eyes- 1968- Illustrator: Bob Dacey
TK-3213- Sahadi, Lou- Great Pro Running Backs- 1975- Illustrated with photographs by various photographers: Bob Dacey
TK-3222- Fidell, Jeannette- Then and Now- 1976- Illustrator: Tom Funk
TK-3223- Bova,Ben-Escape***
TK-3224- Leach, Christopher- Free, Alone and Going- copyright 1975*
TK-3225- Collier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier- My Brother Sam Is Dead
TK-3227- Parker, Richard- 4 Desperate Days- 1972*
TK-3235- Shura,Mary Francis- The Riddle of Raven Hollow(original title: The Riddle of Raven’s Gulch)- November 1975*
TK-3245- Carey, M.V.- Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators: The Mystery of the Haunted Mirror- 1974
TK-3246- Young, Miriam- Truth and Consequences- 1975- Illustrator: Diane de Groat
TK-3248- Corcoran, Barbara- My Wolf My Friend
TK-3249- Cebulash, Mel, adapted by- The Strongest Man in the World-copyright 1975*
TK-3252- First, Julia- R.C. ‘n’ P.W. (original title: Getting Smarter)- Cover: Jane Goldsborough
TK-3262- Roth, Arthur- The Iceberg Hermit- 1975
TK-3270- Canning, Victor- The Runaways-
TK-3300- Brink, Carol- Two Are Better Than One- 1977
TK-3371- Schulz, Charles M.- A  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving- Author illustrated
TK-3373- Gelman, Steve- Superbowl: Pro Football’s Greatest Games-1975 Photo illustrations
TK-3388- Peck, Ira- The Battle of Midway-1976- Photo illustrations
TK-3389- Eaton, Tom- Book of Marbles uh Marvels- 1976-
TK-3398- Pevsner, Stella- A Smart Kid Like You- Cover: Bob Dacey
TK-3406- Burns, Marjorie, ed.- Weird Stories From Real Life- 1977
TK-3416- Weber, Bruce- All-Pro Basketball Stars 1976
TK-3438- Tofte, Arthur- The Day the Earth Stood Still- 1976
TK-3451- Voight, Virginia Frances- The Girl from Johnnycake Hill- Illustrator: Bob Dacey
TK-3471- Green, Phyllis- Nantucket Summer- copyright 1974*
TK-3474- Conford, Ellen- Dear Lovey Hart, I am Desperate*
TK-3487- Tate, Joan- Ring On My Finger- 1976-
TK-3544- Halacy, Jr., D.H.- The Sky Trap – 1975–
TK-3549- Morrow, Honore.- Seven Alone -1976 ***
TK-3566- Oppenheimer, Joan- The Lost Summer -1977-
TK-3571- Herz, Peggy- The Truth About Fonzie -1976- Illustrated with photographs
TK-3611- Brondfield, J- All- Pro Football Stars 1976
TK-3626- Herz, Peggy- TV Talk 2: Exploring TV Territory copyright 1976*
TK-3711- Avallone, Michael- CB Logbook of the White Knight- copyright 1977*
TK-3715- Morey, Walt- Year of the Black Pony -1976
TK-3717- Dachs, David- Pop/Rock Question and Answer Book- copyright
TK-3724- Munat, Florence– FACTS-ination- 1976- Illustrator: Peter Porges
TK-3780- Perl, Lila- The Telltale Summer of Tina C.-copyright 1975*
TK-3784- Turnbull, Ann- The Wolf King -1977- cover illustration- Neil Waldman
TK-3854- Bradbury, Bianca- In her Father’s Footsteps- 1976***
TK-3859- Doty, Jean Slaughter- The Crumb- copyright 1976*
TK-3867- Melton,David- A Boy Called Hopeless- copyright 1977*
TK-3874- Corcoran, Barbara- The Mustang and Other Stories copyright 1978*
TK-3914- Hicks, Clifford B.- Alvin’s Swap Shop- 1976- Illustrator: Lisl Weil ***
TK-3915- Leitch, Patricia.- For Love of a Horse-
TK-3933- Dahlstedt, Marden- The Stopping Place
TK-3938-                   -Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo- 1977
TK-3943- Carey, M.V.-Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators  in The Mystery of Monster Mountain- 1973
TK-3956- Rodgers, Mary- Freaky Friday- copyright 1972*
TK-3965- Shyer, by Marlene Fanta- Silver Fox (original title: Blood in the Snow)- copyright 1975* Cover: Dick Amundsen***
TK-3977- Herz, Peggy- TV Talk 3- copyright 1977*
TK-3978- Pullein-Thompson, Christine- I Rode a Winner- copyright 1973*
TK-3984- Anderson, Brad- Down, Marmaduke!- 1978- Author illustrated
TK-4105- Lovitt, Chip- Masters of Magic- copyright 1979*
TK-4168- Smith, Don and Peter Porges- Words Alive!- 1979*
TK-4117- Cavana, Betty- You Can’t Take Twenty Dogs On A Walk- 1977
TK-4192- Oppenheimer,Joan- The Voices of Julie-1979
TK-4203- Kelley, Sally- The Trouble With Explosives-copyright 1978- Cover: Gloria Kamen
TK-4218- Voight, Virginia-The Gold Smugglers- (original title: Patriot’s Gold)- 1969- Illustrator: Ethel Gold
TK-4222- Eagar, Frances- Time Tangle- 1978- Cover illustrator: Lydia Rosier
TK-4250- Koch, Claude- When You Find Out Who You Are- Will You Tell Me? (original title: The Kite In The Sea)
TK-4286- Johnson, Maud- Sixteen Can Be Sweet-1978
TK-4374- Sparks, Ted- They Went That-a-Way and That-a-Way- 1971 Illustrated with movie stills
TK-4411- Dachs,David- Rock’s Biggest Ten- copyright 1979*
TK-4451- Sachs, Marilyn- Laura’s Luck- Cover illustration: Ruth Sanderson
TK-4465- Sewell, Anna- Black Beauty- 1958
TK-4470- Olesky, Walter- If I’m Lost, How Come I Found You?-
TK-4483- Sparks, Ted- Hot Lead & Cold Feet- 1978 – Illustrated with photographs from the movie**
TK-4595- Cavanaugh, Helen- Second Best-1979
TK-4597- Woolfolk, Dorothy- The Girl Cried Murder (Original title: Murder My Dear)- 1974***
TK-4606- Schulz, Charles M.- What A Nightmare, Charlie Brown- 1979- Author illustrated

TX holds titles for approximately ages 8-12, although this category does have some titles for younger children and some more appropriate for older ones. There are a lot of classics (Mary Poppins, Pippi Longstocking, The Little House books) for fantasy and magic, animal stories, spooky stories; secret codes and pretending. Many of the titles were created for Scholastic, and were written by writers who were teachers during the school year; and some of those are the most beloved of all.


TX-  54- Hinkle, Thomas C.- Black Storm
TX-100- Lauber, Patricia-Clarence The TV Dog-1971- Illustrator: Leonard Shortall
TX-101- MacGregor, Ellen-Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars- Illustrator: Paul Galdone
TX-102- MacDonald, Zillah K.-Mystery of the Piper’s Ghost- Illustrator: Charles Beck
TX-103- Crampton, Gertrude – Your Own Joke Book-1969- Cover: Erwin Hoffmann; Illustrator: Doug Anderson
TX-104- Clymer, Eleanor- The Trolley Car Family-Illustrator: Ursula Koering
TX-105- Haywood, Carolyn – Eddie’s Pay Dirt- Illustrator: Author
TX-106- Smith, Nancy- The Ghostly Trio-
TX-107- Balch, Glenn- Christmas Horse-
TX-108- Weiss, Evelyn- Mixups and Fixups- Illustrator: Paul Granger
TX-109- Household, Geoffrey- Mystery of the Spanish Cave-
TX-113- Lowber- The Backstreet Boys-
TX-124- Vinton, Iris-  John Paul Jones
TX-126 -Gates, Doris- Blue Willow-
TX-127- Kinsey, Elizabeth- Sea View Secret-
TX-128- Cleary, Beverly- Henry Huggins- 1962
TX-130- Clymer, Eleanor- Treasure at First Base- 1958- Illustrator: Maurice Rawson
TX-137- Silverberg, Robert- Revolt on Alpha C- 1959- Illustrator: William Myerriecks
TX-150- Cheney, Cora- Skeleton Cave- Illustrator: Paul Galdone-1967
TX-151- Wilson, Hazel- His Indian Brother-
TX-152- McSwigan, Marie- Snow Treasure (The Rescue of the Hidden Gold)- 1958- Illustrator: Andre LaBlanc
TX-153- MacGregor,Ellen-Miss Pickerell and the Geiger Counter-1964
TX-154- Balch, Glenn- White Ruff- 1964
TX-155- Futrelle, Jacques-The Thinking Machine: Adventures of  a  Mastermind- Illustrator Charles Beck
TX-157- Parkinson, Ethelyn M.- Double Trouble for Rupert- Illustrator: Mary Stevens
TX-158- Williams, Jay & Abrashkin, Raymond- Danny Dunn and the Antigravity Paint-
TX-159- De Leeuw, Adele- Blue Ribbons for Meg-
TX-161- Wyndham, Lee- On Your Toes, Susie!-1969- Illustrator: Jane Miller
TX-162- Brooks,Walter- Freddy the Detective-
TX-163- Baum, L. Frank- The Wizard of Oz-
TX-164- Zim, Herbert- Codes & Secret Writing- (ahridged)
TX-165- Dodd, Ed- Mark Trail’s Book of Animals- (North American Mammals)-  1958- Author illustrated.
TX-166- Hubbard, Freeman- The Phantom Brakeman and Other Stories- Illustrator Jerry Robinson
TX-167- Bonner, Mary Graham- Mystery of the Haunted Hut- 1959-  Illustrator: Norman Baer
TX-168- Lainhauser, Ruth Daggett- Patricia’s Secret-
TX-169- Davidson, Gladys- Seven Voyages of Sinbad- 1959- Illustrator: Irma Wilde
TX-186- Seaman, Augusta Huiell- The Mystery of the Old Violin (Original title: The Inn of the Twin Anchors from The Riddle at Live Oaks)- 1960- Illustrator: William Hutchinson
TX-187- Eichelberger, Rosa K.- Call Me Bronko (original title: Bronko)
TX-187- Hickok, Lorena A.- The Story of Helen Keller-
TX-190- Stevenson, Robert Louis- Treasure Island- 1961
TX-212- Lauber, Patricia- Clarence Goes To Town- Illustrator: Leonard Shortall
TX-214- Julian, Nancy R.- The Peculiar Miss Pickett-
TX-215- Lindgren, Astrid- Pippi Longstocking- 1959-  Illustrator: Nancy Seligsohn
TX-218- Wallace, Lew- Ben-Hur- adapted by Willie Lindquist- 1960-
TX-219- Coolidge, Olivia E.- Hercules and Other Tales from Greek Myths- 1960 – Illustrator: David Lockhart
TX-220- Alcott, Louisa May- Little Women-1962
TX-221- Anderson, CW – Afraid to Ride- Author illustrated
TX-222- Whitney, Phyllis- Mystery of the Green Cat- 1965- Illustrator: Leslie Goldstein
TX-223- Crowell, Pers- First to Ride-
TX-224- Vinton, Iris- The Story of John Paul Jones-
TX-225- Meadowcroft, Enid LaMonte- Silver for General Washington-
TX-226- Cleary, Beverly- Ellen Tebbits- Illustrator: Louis Darling
TX-227- Boylston, Helen Dore- Clara Barton-
TX-228- Dodd, Ed- Mark Trails Penguins-
TX-229- Miller, Eugenia- Deadline At Spook Cabin-1966
TX-230- Beim, Lorraine- Just Plain Maggie- illustrator:  Barbara Cooney
TX-232- Kramer, Nora (ed)- Arrow Book of Ghost Stories- Illustrator George Wilde
TX-233- Woolley, Catherine- Ginnie and the New Girl- – Illustrator: Iris Beatty Johnson
TX-234- Twain,Mark- Tom Sawyer Detective- illustrator:  William Hutchinson
TX-235- Lang, Andrew (ed)- Tales From the Red Fairy Book-
TX-236- Seaman, Augusta Hiuell- Riddle of the Lonely House- Illustrator Charles Beck – 1960
TX-237-Woolley, Catherine- A Room for Cathy- Illustrator: Veronica Reed
TX-238- Wilson, Holly- Snowbound In Hidden Valley- Illustrator: Dorothy Bayley Morse
TX-239- Kohler, Julilly H.- The Boy Who Stole the Elephant- 1963
TX-240- Kipling, Rudyard- The First Jungle Book- 1960-  Illustrator: Charles Beck
TX-244- White, Anne Terry- The First Men in The World- 1966
TX-246- Bennett, Anna Elizabeth- Little Witch- Illustrator: Lisl Weil
TX-247- Baker, Rachel- The First Woman Doctor : The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D.- 1961- Illustrator: Evelyn Copelman
TX-248- Canfield, Dorothy- Understood Betsy-
TX-249- Wyndham, Lee- Susie and the Ballet Family- 1968
TX-252- Thorne, Alice- The Story of Madame Curie-Illustrator: Dan Dickas
TX 245- White, A.T.- George Washington Carver- illustrator: Carl Ballantine
TX-256- Irving, Robert-Hurricanes and Twisters- illustrator: Ruth Adler line drawings, with diagrams and  photographs
TX-259- Lang, Andrew (ed)- Tales from the Green Fairy Book-
TX-260- Wyss, Johann- Swiss Family Robinson- Illustrator: David Lockhart
TX-261- Otis, James- Toby Tyler, Or 10 Weeks With a Circus- Illustrator: Gerald McCann
TX-262- De Leeuw, Cateau- One Week of Danger-
TX-264- Emerson, Caroline D.- Father’s Big Improvements- Illustrator: E.R. Kinstler
TX-265- Hogner, Dorothy- Odd Pets-
TX-267- Pace,Mildred M.- Old Bones-1963
TX-268- McGovern, Ann (ed)- Summer Daze-
TX-269- Buck, Pearl S.- The Big Wave-
TX-270- Spyri, Johanna-Heidi-1974
TX-271- Sterling, Dorothy- The Silver Spoon Mystery- illustrator: Grace Paul
TX-273- Clymer, Eleanor, collector- Arrow Book of Funny Poems- 1961- Illustrator: Doug Anderson
TX-274- Lindgren, Astrid- Pippi Goes On Board-
TX-278- McGovern, Ann, ed.- Treasury of Christmas Stories- 1960- Illustrator: David Lockhart
TX-296- Lewis, Norman- 20 Days to Better Spelling-
TX-298- Beim, Jerrold- Trouble After School-  Illustrator: Don Sibley
TX-300- Terhune, Albert Payson- Lad, A Dog- 1961- Illustrator: Sam Savitt
TX-302- MacGregor,Ellen- Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea-1961
TX-303- Williams, Jay & Abrashkin, Raymond- Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine- 1958- Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats
TX-305- Fritz, Jean and Tom Clute- Champion Dog Prince Tom- Illustrator: Ernest Hart
TX-306- Butterworth, Oliver- The Enormous Egg- 1961
TX-307- Ravielli, Anthony- Wonders of the Human Body- Sept 1961- Author illustrated
TX-308- Baker, Nina Brown- Nelly Bly, Reporter- 1961- Illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
TX-309- Seymour, Alta Halverson- When the Dikes Broke – Illustrator: Fred Irving
TX-311- The Red Dog and Other Stories (tab Animal Tales)
TX-312- Glines, Lt. Col Carroll V. – Helicopter Rescues-
TX-315-  Orton, Helen Fuller- Mystery in the Pirate Oak- Illustrator: Robert Doremus
TX-316-  Sterne, Emma Gelders- The Long Black Schooner- illustrator: David Lockhart
TX-318-  Jane, Mary C.- Mystery At Shadow Pond- Illustrator: Ray Abel; cover- Dom Lupo
TX-319-  Ashley- The Stolen Train-  Jan 1962-  Illustrator: Albert Micale
TX-321-  Calhoun, Mary- Katie John-  Illustrator: Paul Frame
TX-322-  Spencer, Philip- Day Of Glory: The Guns At Lexington And Concord- 1962- Illustrator: P. Burchard
TX-324- Reynolds, – Emily San- 1962- Illustrator Tack Shigaki
TX-331- Preston, Edna Mitchell, ed.- Arrow Book of Spooky Stories- 1962- Illustrator: Erwin Hoffmann
TX-333 – Dresner, Simon, ed. – Science World Book of Brain Teasers- 1962- Illustrator: William Hogarth – Cover photo: John Ebstel
TX-334 – Jane, Mary C. – The Ghost Rock Mystery – Cover by Gerald McCann –
TX-342- Bulla, Clyde Robert- The Secret Valley-  Illustrator: Grace Paull
TX-355- Sherburne,Zoa- Jennifer
TX-361- Freeman, Mae & Ira-In The Days of Dinosaurs-1967
TX-375- Cavanaugh,Frances- Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance-  illustrator: Don Sibley
TX-381- Montgomery, R.G.- Broken Fang-
TX-394- Perrin, Blanche Chenery- Born To Race- Illustrator: Sam Savitt
TX-395- Nordstrom, Ursula- The Secret Language- Illustrator: Meg Wohlberg
TX-397- Wooley- Ginny and The Mystery Doll- 1962-  Illustrator: Bob Magnusen
TX-398- Wiley, James, ed.- Beasts, Brains, and Behavior- 1963- Illustrated with photographs
TX-398- Meadowcroft, Enid- Benjamin Franklin-1962
TX-399- Bulla, CR- Eagle Feather-
TX-406- Bennett, Rowena- Runner for the King-1962- illustrator: Bob Magnusen
TX-407- Halacy, D.S. Jr.-Solar Science Projects: (Original Title Fun With The Sun)-1971
TX-409- Lampman, Evelyn S.- The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket  Creek- 1964- Illustrator: Herbert Buel
TX-422- Meadowcroft, Enid LaMonte- By Secret Railway
TX-423- Murphy, Frances Saloman- Ready Made Family- illustrator: Moneta Burnett
TX-434- Calhoun, Mary- Depend on Katie John- Feb 1963- Illustrator: Paul Frame
TX-440- Kramer, Nora,ed.- Grimm’s Fairy Tales, illustrator: Carol Wilde
TX-442- Fritz, Jean- The Cabin Faced West-

TX-447- Johnston, Ralph E.- Old Tangle Eye- illustrator: William Moyers
TX-448- Fisher, Aileen- Skip-
TX-450- Dickens, Charles- A Chistmas Carol-
TX-451- Baldwin, James- Arrow Book of Famous Stories
TX-452- Cleary, Beverly – Henry and the Paper Route- 1963
TX-464- Burnett, Frances Hodgson -Sarah Crewe- 1963- illustrator: Brian Wildsmith
TX-469- McCloskey, Robert  More Homer Price (from Centerburg Tales- 1963- Author Illustrated
TX-471- Mason Miriam E.-The Middle Sister- 1963-  Illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
TX-472- Friedman, Frieda- The Janitor’s Girl- 1964
TX-474- McCormick,Dell J.- Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe- llustrator: Leo Summers
TX-476- Hayes, William D.- Project Genius
TX-478- Friedman, Frieda- A Sundae With Judy- Illustrator: Carol Wilde
TX-486- Scott,Corbett- The Lemonade Trick – Author Illustrated***
TX-512- Young, Miriam.- The Dollar Horse- 1963- Illustrator: William M. Hutchinson
TX-517- Gunther, John.- Jason and the Golden Fleece- 1964 TX-519- Cockrell, Marian – Shadow Castle-
TX-527- Banney, Agnes V.- Flash of Phantom Canyon- 1963- illustrator: Strauss,Mike
TX-528 – Peare, Catherine Owens – The Lost Lakes – A story of the Texas Rangers – 1963- Illustrator Lorence F. Bjorklund, cover by Darrel Sweet
TX-533- Emerson, Caroline – The Magic Tunnel-1964- Illustrator Jerry Robinson
TX-535- Silverberg, Robert- Lost Race of Mars-
TX-536- Mayer, Jerome S,- The Provacative Puzzler
TX-538- Mason, Miriam E.- Katie Kittenheart- 1963- Illustrator: Charles Geer
TX-538- Pease, Catherine Owens-The Story of the Texas Rangers: The Lost Lakes
TX-539- Sobol, Donald J.- Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective- 1963- Author illustrated
TX-542- Gottlieb, Robin-  Mystery of the Silent Friends-
TX-547- Gardner, Martin- Science Puzzlers-
TX-452- Cleary, Beverly-Henry and the Paper Route – Illustrator: Louis Darling
TX-556- Meyer, Jerome S.- Arithmetricks-
TX-557- Coatsworth, Elizabeth- Old Whirlwind Davy Crockett- 1964-
TX-561- Garfield, James B.- Follow My Leader-
TX-565- Hall, ElvaJean- Pilgrim Stories- Illustrator: Jon Nielsen
TX-571- Atwater, Roger- Mr. Popper’s Penguins-
TX-575- Sobol, Donald J.- The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk- illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
TX-577- Bennett, George & Paul Molloy- Cavalcade of Poems- Cover photo: Alan Rabold
TX-582- Hale, Lucretia.- Stories from The Peterkin Papers-1964- Illustrator: Lisl Weil
TX-595- Brink, Carol Ryrie.- The Highly Trained Dogs of Professor Petit- 1964- Illustrator Robert Henneberger
TX-596- Hogarth, Grace Allen- The Funny Guy- Illustrator: Fritz Wegner
TX-598- Christopher, Matt- Touchdown For Tommy
TX-602- Lindgren, Astrid- Pippi In The South Seas- Illustrator: Louis S.Glanzman
TX-609- Barr, George- Here’s Why: Science In Sports- 1962- Ilustrator Mildred Waltrip
TX-613- Christopher, Matt- Break For The Basket-
TX-616- McNeill, James- The Sunken City and Other Tales From Around The World- illustrator:Theo Dimson,
TX-623- Sommerfelt, Aimee- The Road To Agra- illustrator: Ulf Aas
TX-624- Kastner, Erich- Emil and The Detectives- illustrator: Walter Trier
TX-628- Shirreffs, Gordon- Mystery of the Haunted Mine- (original title Haunted Treasure of Espectros)
TX-634-  Cavanah, Frances- Jenny Lind and Her Listening Cat- 1964
TX 635-  Krantz, Hazel- 100 Pounds Of Popcorn-Illustrator: Vic Herman
TX-646- Carlsen, Ruth Christoffer- Mr. Pudgins-1964-  llustrator: Crockett Johnson
TX-651- McGovern, Ann- Arrow Book of Poetry- 1965- Illustrator: Grisha Dotzenko
TX-652- Boutwell, Callender, and Gerber- Great Speeches-1965
TX-664- Godden,Rumer- The Story of Holly and Ivy-1964- Illustrator: Adrienne Adams
TX-666- Hicks, Clifford- Alvin’s Secret Code-1963- Illustrator: Constance Ftera
TX-667- Clymer, Eleanor- Search For a Living Fossil-1966- Illustrator: Jerry Robinson
TX-671- Collier, Jane- The Year of the Dream- 1965- Illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
TX-672- Pohlmann, Lillian- Myrtle Albertina’s Secret- Illustrator: Erik Blegvad
TX-678- Sullivan, Navin- Pioneer Astronomers-
TX-679- Lawson, Robert -Watchwords of Liberty”A Pageant of American Quotations – 1985
TX-687- Lansing, E.H.- Secret of Deer Mountain 1964-
TX-689- Cleary, Beverly- Sister of the Bride
TX-690- Caroll, Lewis- Alice In  Wonderland- 1966- Illustrator: Sir John Tenniel
TX-701- Wallace, May N.- The Ghost of Dibble Hollow- 1968
TX-702- Chew, Ruth- Witch In The House- 1975
TX-708- Brink, Carol Ryrie.- Baby Island- Illustrator: Moneta Barnett
TX-733- Unkelbach, Kurt- The Dog In My Life- 1966
TX-736- Worline, Bonnie Bess-The Children Who Stayed
TX-737- Cleary, Beverly- Henry and the Clubhouse- Illustrator: Louis Darling
TX-738- Wormser, Richard-  Ride A Northbound Horse- 1966- illustrator: Charles Geer
TX-751- Calhoun- Honestly, Katie John!-
TX-766- Stolz, Mary- Ready Or Not-
TX-771- Johnson, Crockett- Harold and the Purple Crayon- Author Illustrated
TX-781- Baker, Betty- The Medicine Man’s Last Stand (Original title The Shaman’s Last Raid)- 1965 – Illustrator:
Leonard Shortall
TX-784- Davidson, Margaret- Helen Keller’s Teacher- 1965- Illustrator: Wayne Blickenstaff
TX-785- Coombs, Charlest-Project Apollo: Mission To The Moon- Illustrated with photographs, illustrations, and diagrams
TX-791- Key, Alexander- The Forgotten Door- 1965- Cover Illustration: Dom Lupo
TX-794- Balch, Glenn- The Book of Horses-1975
TX-796- Acker,Helen- The School Train- 1965- Illustrator: Mort Kunstler
TX-801- Brinley, Bertrand R.- The Mad Scientists’ Club- 1965
TX-826- Evslin, Bernard- The Adventures of Ulysses- Illustrator: William Hunter
TX-829- Sobel, Donald J.- Encyclopedia Brown Strikes Again- Illustrator: Leonard Shortall
TX-832- Jackson, Robert B.- Road Race Round The World- 1966- Illustrated with old black and white Photographs
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TX-1173 – Dachs, David – Inside Pop – America’s Top Ten Groups –  1968 – Illustrated with Photos and inside stories of: the lovin’ spoonful, the mamas and the papas, diana and the supremes, the beach boys, the four seasons, paul revere and the raiders, sonny and cher, simon and garfunkel, the monkees, the young rascals (plus fullpage photos to tear out and post on your bulletin board)
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TX-1603- Orda-
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TX-1904- Scholastic Scope Play Series- Requiem For a Heavyweight and other Plays- 1971- Illustrator: Sal Catalano
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TX-1917- Arthur, Robert- Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators in the Secret of Terror Castle- 1971
TX 1918:  Pickens, Richard – How to Punt, Pass and Kick- Sep 1972
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TX-2379- Doringer- Adopted Jane-
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TX 2741- Powell, Al –  Strange But True Auto Racing Stories
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TX-2846- editors of Scholastic Scope magazine- The Homecoming and Other Plays-
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TX-3082- Bennett-Hopkin/Arenstein- Potato Chips and a Slice of Moon: Poems You’ll Like -1979
TX-3092- Sendak, Maurice- Pierre, a cautionary tale in five chapters and a prologue- Author illustrated
TX-3117- Ross, Wilma S.-  Fabulous facts about the 50 States – Maps by Frank Ronan – Illustrator- Bill Cummings- 1976
TX-3141- Rock, Gail- The House Without A Christmas Tree – An Addie Mills story from The Television Special- Illustrator: Charles C. Gehm
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TX-3217- Reit, Seymour- The Worried Ghost- 1976
TX-3218- Shura, MF- Maggie in the Middle-
TX-3233- Baum,L.Frank- Ozma of Oz-
TX-3251- Sobol, Donald J. -Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Exploding Plumbing and other mysteries (original title: Encyclopedia Brown Lends A Hand)-1974- Illustrator: Leonard Shortall
TX-3259- Wilder, Laura Ingalls-Little House on the Prairie-
TX-3283- Schecter, Ben- The Ghost and the Whistling Whirligig
TX-3284- Averill,Esther- Jenny and The Cat Club- 1975
TX-3296- Doty, Jean- Winter Pony-1975- Illustrator:  Ted Lewis
TX–   –     Peterson, Hans- Lisa Settles In- 1972
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TX-3387- Herz, Peggy- TV’s Top Ten Shows and Their Stars- 1976
TX-3455- Sullivan, Mary W- Bluegrass Iggy
TX-3470- Aber, Linda- The Dynamite Party-Book-1978
TX-3560- Kennedy, Mary- Jamie, Sam and the Invisible Hildegarde-
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TX-3586- Agle, Nan Hayden-That Dog Tarr-1969
TX-3608- Christopher, Matt- Earthquake
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TX-3775- Vandivert, Rita- Favorite Pets: How to Choose and Care for Them- (original title: Understanding Animals as Pets)- 1977- Illustrated with photographs by William Vandivert
TX-3799- Kennedy, Foster -The Disappearance of Mr. Allen- Illustrator: Bill Russell
TX-3810- McGovern, Ann – Shark Lady The Story of Eugenie Clark- 1978- Illustrator:  Ruth Chew
TX-3819- Parker, Richard – He’s Your Brother- 1974
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TX-3848- Davis, Mac -The Greatest In Baseball-1962
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TX-3887- O’Connell, Jean S-The Dollhouse Caper-1975 – llustrator Erik Blegvad
TX-3912- Johnston,Johanna-They Led The Way (Original title: Women Themselves)
TX-3914- Hicks, Clifford – Alvin’s Swap Shop-1978
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TX-3878- Hoff, Syd-The Littlest Leaguer-1976- Author Illustrated
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TX-3989- Cameron,Eleanor- Stowaway To The Mushroom Planet- 1978
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TX-4118- Davidson.,Carson Fast-Talking Dolphin.-1978
TX-4140- Pinkwater, D. Manus- The Hoboken Chicken Emergency-1977   TX-4210- Greenwald, Sheila- The Secret In Miranda’s Closet- 1977- Author illustrated.   TX-4190- Fox, Michael W.- Lost Dogs Three (original title: Wild Dogs Three)-1977- Illustrator: Heidi Palmer
TX 4212- Kraske,Robert- Harry Houdini- 1973- Cover illustrator: Bob Clark***
TX-4219- Herz, Peggy- TV Time ’78-1978
TX-4238- Collodi, C,- Pinocchio-1978
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TX-4283- Zistel, Era- Hi Fella-1978  – Illustrator: Taylor Oughton
TX-4292- Gelman, Rita G.and Marcia Seligson- UFO Encounters- Illustrated with photographs from various sources. Cover                   photo by Si Braun
TX-4375- Herz, Peggy- TV Album-
TX-4446- Wilder, Laura  Ingalls-  By The Shores of Silver Lake- Illustrator: Garth Williams
TX-4495- Herz, Peggy- TV Time ’79- 1979- Illustrated with photographs
TX-4511- Pfeffer, Susan- Kid Power- Illustrator
TX-4523- Godden, Rumer- The Rocking Horse Secret-1977- cover: Veronika Hart- Illustrations: Juliet Stanwell Smith
TX-4542- Seth, Marie- Dream of The Dead: A Ghost Story-
TX-4629- Talbot, Charlene- The Great Rat Island Adventure-1979
TX-4694- Hall, Lynn- Shadows- illustrator: Joseph Cellini
TX-4733- Korman, Gordon- This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall-1978- Illustrator: Affie Mohammed
TX-4757- Herz, Peggy- The Mork & Mindy Story-1979-

TW holds titles for two very different age groups. There are title appropriate for learning-to-read, ages 5-7, which used to be first grade, but can be younger now, and there are titles dealing with school subjects and fiction appropriate for ages 8-10. The younger titles are ones like Little Raccoon or The Littles. The older ones ar magic books, history books about Abraham Lincoln, Science and Nature books span both age groups. It seems to have started out as one thing and then become more eclectic.


TW-110- Preston, Edna, ed.- Barrel of Fun- 1957- Illustrator: Paul Granger
TW- 113- Vinton, Iris-Boy On The Mayflower-
TW- 114- Becker, Charlotte- A Chimp in the Family- original copyright 1953
TW- 119- Bridwell, Norman- A Tiny Family-1969
TW- 120- Carmer, Carl- Hurricane Luck-1965
TW- 123- Bell, Margeret E.- Kit Carson- Illustrator: Harry Daugherty
TW- 137- Silverberg, Robert- Revolt on Alpha C-1959
TW- 139- Bright, Robert- Richard Brown and The Dragon-
TW- 170- Freeman, Mae and Ira- Fun With Science-1968
TW- 172- Simon, Tony- Ribsnorters and Ribticklers: Famous American Folk Tales (retold)-1958 – Illustrator: David  Lockhart
TW- 173- Masin,Herman L.-How To Star In Basketball- 1964
TW- 174- Kettlekamp, Larry-Spooky Magic- 1958- Illustrator: William Meyerriecks
TW- 175- Preston, Edna, ed.- Barrel of Laughs- 1959- Illustrator: George Wilde
TW- 176- Zim, Herbert- Snakes- 1959- Illustrator: James Gordon Irving
TW- 177- Villiers- The Windjammer Story
TW- 178- Paul, Edith- Sewing Is Fun-1972
TW- 179- Gardner,Martin- The Arrow Book of Brain Teaser Illustrator: William Hogarth
TW- 179- Bridwell, Norman- The Witch’s Christmas- November 1970
TW- 180- Caffrey,Nancy- Lost Pony, (original title:  Somebody’s Pony)- March 1959
TW- 181- Morrison, Lillian- Yours Till Niagara Falls  A Collection of Autograph Verses-1969
TW- 199- Klien, Lenore- Arrow Book of Tricks and Projects- 1960- Illustrator: William Meyerriecks
TW- 206-                     – The Lonesome Bear- Illustrator: Harold Price
TW-  2—  Kay, Helen- A Pony For The Winter-
TW- 208- Kinney, Harrison-The Lonesome Bear-
TW- 208- Henry, Shamrock Queen, by Marguerite (original title: Always Reddy)- original copyright 1947
TW- 209- Hirsh, Marilyn- Ben Goes Into Business
TW- 209- Masin, Herman L- How to Star in Baseball- original copyright 1960
TW- 211- Ronan, Margaret- The Arrow Book of States- 1961- Illustrator: William Meyerriecks
TW- 216-  Bulla, Clyde Robert- Star of Wild Horse Canyon-1960
TW- 236- Seaman, Augusta Huiell- Riddle Lonely House- Illustrator: Charles Beck
TW- 254-  Goldsmith, Oliver-The Vicar of Wakefield-1963
TW- 279-                                – Alligators And Crocodiles-
TW- 283- McGovern, Ann- Barrel of Chuckles- 1960- Illustrator: Allan Jaffee
TW- 291- Moore, Lilian- The Snake That Went To School-
TW- 292- Bulla, Clyde Robert.- The Secret Valley-1961- Illustrator: Grace Paull
TW- 208- Henry, Marguerite- Shamrock Queen (Always Reddy)
TW- 317-  Rudomin, Ester- Arrow Book of Easy Cooking (Let’s Cook Without Cooking)- 1962-
TW- 325- McCloskey, Robert- Homer Price- 1962
TW- 338- Leaf, Munro-The Story of Ferdinand- 1968
TW- 339- Dodworth, Dorothy L.-Look Out, Mrs.Doodlepunk!- Author Illustrated
TW- 341- Wilkie, Katherine E.- Daniel Boone: Taming The  Wild- 1961- Illustrator Don Sibley
TW- 342- Bulla,Clyde R-The Secret Valley-Illustrator: Grace Paull
TW- 344- Lindsay, Barbara- Monsters of the Sea-1962- Illustrator: William Bartlett
TW- 345- Bulla, Clyde Robert.- Ghost Town Treasure- 1966 -Illustrator: Don Freeman
TW- 347- Lord, Beman- Quarterback’s Aim- Illustrator: Arnold Spilka
TW- 348- Elting, Mary, ed.- Arrow Book of Answers- 1962- Illustrators: Tran Mawicke & Richard Priest
TW- 359- Colver, Anne- Abraham Lincoln-1962- Illustrator: Irv Docktor
TW- 360- McGovern, Ann- Aesop’s Fables- 1963- Illustrator: A.J. McCloskey
TW- 361- Freeman, Mae and Ira- Your Wonderful World of Science-
TW- 362- Cook, Bernadine- The Little Fish That Got Away- 1962- Illustrator: Crockett Johnson
TW- 363- Larrick, Nancy- Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow-1962- Illustrator: Weda Ya
TW- 364- Zim, Herbert S.- The Great Whales-  Illustrator: James Gordon Irving
TW- 365- Folsom, Franklin- Men Who Won The West- 1970 (Abridged from Famous Pioneers)- Illustrator: Dick Priest
TW- 371- Selsam, Millicent- How Animals Sleep (original title A Time for Sleep)- original copyright 1953- Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats
TW- 372- Landin, Les- About Atoms- 1962- Illustrator: Bill Russell
TW- 374- Berg, Jean Horton- O’Learys and Friends- 1962- Illustrator: Mary Stevens
TW- 376- Aldis, Dorothy- The Secret Place and Other Poems- 1962
TW- 377- Kay, Helen- A Duck For Keeps-  Sept 1962- Illustrator: Juliette Palmer-
TW- 377- Aldis, Dorothy- The Secret Place- Illustrator: Olivia H.B. Cole
TW  379- Schneider, Herman and Nina-Let’s Find Out About Heat, Weather and Air-1962
TW- 382- McGovern, Ann- Christopher Columbus -1962- Illustrator: Joe Lasker
TW- 393- Feagles, Anita- Casey the Udderly Impossible Horse- Illustrated by: Dagmar Wilson
TW- 399- Bulla, Clyde Robert- Eagle Feather- Illustrator:  Tom Two Arrows
TW- 405- Lamom, Henry V.- Bronco Charlie, Rider of the Pony Express- 1962- Illustrator: Wesley Dennis
TW- 413- Bridwell, Norman- Bird In The Hat- Author illustrated
TW- 414- Meeks, Esther K.- The Curious Cow- 1962
TW- 415- Bulla,Clyde Robert- Old Charlie- Illustrator: Paul Galdone
TW- 419- Hodges, Margaret- What’s For Lunch, Charley?- 1961 – Ilustrator:  Aliki
TW- 426- Pine, Tillie S. and Joseph Levine-Magnets and How To Use Them- 1963- Illustrator: Bernice Myers
TW- 428- Cook, Marion Belden- Waggles and The Dog Catcher-1969- Illustrator:  John Peterson
TW- 429- Bridwell, Norman- Clifford The Big Red Dog-1964- Author illustrated
TW- 435- Lexau, Joan- Olaf Reads- 1963- llustrator:Harvey Weiss
TW- 436- Singer, Susan- Kenny’s Monkey-1963-Illustrator: Harvey Weiss
TW- 439- Stevens, Carla- Rabbit and Skunk and the Scary Rock- original copyright 1962
TW- 441- Selsom, Millicent-Birth of an Island- Illustrator: Winifred Lubell
TW- 443- Bulla, Clyde Robert- Riding The Pony Express-1963
TW- 463- McCloskey, Robert, More Homer Price- 1963- Author Illustrated
TW- 473- Slobodkin, Esphyr- Caps For Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Some Monkey Business- Sep 1963- Author illustrated.
TW- 475- Elting, Mary-Arrow Book of Nurses-
TW- 481- Dobler, Lavinia-Arrow Book of the United Nations- 1970- Illustrator: John Hapgood
TW- 482- Merrill, Jean – Shan’s Lucky Knife- 1964 –  Illustrator: Ronni  Solbert
TW- 489- Peterson, Holly and John- Tony’s Treasure Hunt- Author Illustrated
TW- 491- Compere, Mickie- Dolphins!-  Illustrated by Irma Wilde
TW- 494- Darby, Gene- What Is A Frog?- 1957
TW- 497- Klein, Leonore- Brave Daniel- original copyright 1958
TW- 499- Rockowitz, Murray- Arrow Book of Word Games- 1964- Illustrator: William Hogarth
TW- 501- Austin, Margot- Barney’s Adventure- Author Illustrated
TW- 513- Bridwell, Norman- Bird in the Hat- 1964-Author Illustrated
TW- 516- Elkin, Benjamin- Lucky and the Giant- 1963-  Illustrator: Brinton Turkle
TW- 518- Goldberg, Martha- Big Horse, Little Horse- Illustrator: Joe Lasker
TW- 523- Compere, Mickie- The Wizard of Menlo Park: The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor- 1964- Illustrator:
Moriarity, Jerome B.
TW- 525- Arnold, Wesley F. & Wayne C. Cardy- Fun With Next to Nothing.1963
TW- 531- Ward, Lynd- The Biggest Bear- 1968- Author Illustrated
TW- 532- Wyler, Rose and Gerald Ames – Prove It!- Illustrator: Talivaldis Stubis
TW- 546- Stevens, Carla – Rabbit and Skunk and The Big Fight-1964
TW- 548- Fiedler, Jean-The Green Thumb Story- 1973
TW- 551- Epstein, Sam & Beryl-What’s Behind The Word?-1964
TW- 558- Morrison, Lillian, editor- Remember Me When This You See: A Collection of Autograph Verses, authorized edition-  original copyright 1961
TW- 564- Moore, Eva- Lucky Book of Riddles- copyright 1964
TW- 592- Brenner, Barbara- A Bird in the Family- 1964
TW- 594- Donahue, Elvira- News Time Fun Time- 1964- Illustrator: Bud Blake
TW- 606- Friskey, Margaret- Indian Two Feet and his Horse- 1964- Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats
TW- 607- Allen, Ethan- Batting and Bunting-
TW- 608- Mason, Miriam E- Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud. adapted- Illustrator: Joseph Escourido
TW- 611- Guilfoile, Elizabeth- Nobody Listens To Andrew- 1964-Illustrator: Mary Stevens
TW- 614- Davidson, Margaret-The Adventures of George Washington- Illustrator: Seymour Fleishman
TW- 615- Fetz, Ingrid-A Pony For The Winter-1964- Illustrator: Ingrid Fetz
TW- 621: Kumin, Maxine W.  and Annie Sexton- Eggs of Things- March  1965
TW- 637- Moore, Eva – Johnny Appleseed- 1964- Illustrator: Judith Ann Lawrence
TW- 643- Peterson, John-The Secret Hide-out-1965
TW- 653- Cary,Sturges-Arrow Book of Presidents- Illustrator: Leo Summers
TW- 658- Klein,Lenore-Project Fun- illustrator: Dan Dickas
TW- 663- Bethell, Jean- How To Care For Your Dog- 1964- Illustrator: Norman Bridwell
TW- 664- Godden, Rumer-The Story of Holly and Ivy- 1964
TW- 665- Lauber, Patricia- Junior Science Book of  Penguins- 1964
TW- 668- Mason, Miriam E.- Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud- 1965- Illustrator: Joseph Escourido
TW- 673- Bridwell, Norman- Clifford Gets a Job- original copyright 1965-
TW- 686- Embry, Margaret- Mr. Blue- 1968
TW- 688- Lauber,Patricia- Junior Science Book of Icebergs and Glaciers- 1961- Illustrator: Evelyn Urbanowich
TW- 693- Peterson, John- Enemies of the Secret Hideout- 1966
TW- 695- Rood, Donald- Bees, Bugs and Beetles: The Arrow Book of Insects-1965- Illustrated by Denny McMains
TW- 705-  Lucky Book Club, retold-Jack and the Beanstalk-original copyright 1965- Illustrator: William Wiesner
TW- 706- Hoban, Russell- What happened when Jack & Daisy Tried To Fool the Tooth Fairies- Illustrator: Lillian Hoban
TW- 717- Lord, Beman- Mystery Player at Left End (originally: Mystery Guest at Left End)- Illustrator: Arnold Spilka
TW- 723- Leaf, Munro- The Boy Who Would Not Go To School
TW- 732- McGovern, Ann- If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln- January 1966- Illustrator: Brinton Turkle
TW- 745- Wise Brown,Margaret- Where Have You Been?- Illustrator: Barbara Cooney
TW- 747- Elting,Mary- Arrow book of answers (abridged from Answers and More Answers)-1961-
TW- 749- Caudill, Rebecca- The Best-Loved Doll-1965
TW- 754- Benchley, Nathaniel- Red Fox and His Canoe- 1965- Illustrator: Arnold Lobel
TW- 759- Bulla, Clyde- The Sword In The Tree- 1965- Illustrator: Paul Gladone
TW- 763- Freeman, Mae- A Book of Real Science- Illustrator: John Moodie
TW- 774- Craig, M. Jean- Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs-1965- Illustrator: George Solonevich
TW- 775- Bulla, Clyde- Three Dollar Mule-1969
TW- 776- Bridwell, Norman- The Witch Next Door- 1965- Author Illustrated
TW- 794- Balch, Glenn- The Book of Horses- 1968- Illustrated with photographs
TW- 798- Bonsall, Crosby- The Case of The Hungry Stranger- 1966- Author Illustrated
TW- 818- Moore, Lilian- Little Raccoon and the Outside World-1966
TW- 844- Daugherty, James- Andy and The Lion: A Tale of Kindness Remembered or The Power of Gratitude- Author Illustrated
TW- 871- Rinkoff, Barbara- Remarkable Ramsey, the Talking Dog-
TW- 881- Feagles, Anita- 27 Cats Next Door- Illustrator: Baron Story
TW- 874- M. Elting &  F. Folsom-The Wild Mammoth Hunters-1968
TW  876- Stearns, Annabel, editor- Dates…and Dates- original copyright 1966
TW  881- Feagles, Anita-  27 Cats Next Door- Illustrator: Baron Story
TW- 882- Bridwell Norman- Clifford Takes A Trip- Sep 1966- Author Illustrated
TW- 893- Craig, M. Jean- Puss in Boots- 1966- Illustrator: Robert Jones
TW- 895- Littledale, Freya- The Magic Fish- 1967- Illustrator: Ed Arno
TW- 917- Krauss, Ruth- The Carrot Seed- 1991- Illustrator: Crockett Johnson
TW- 923- Clarke, Mollie- Congo Boy: An African Folk Tale(retold)- 1965 – Illustrator Beatrice Darwin
TW- 924- Zolotow, Charlotte- Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present- March 1968
TW- 925- Parish, Peggy- Amelia Bedelia- Aug 1972- Siebel
TW- 927- Bridwell, Norman- Clifford’s Halloween- Author Illustrated
TW- 934- Branley, Franklyn M. and Eleanor K. Vaughn-Mickey’s Magnet- original copyright 1956
TW- 953- Wyler, Rose- The Riddle Kingdom- 1967
TW- 923- Clarke, Mollie- Congo Boy: An African Folk Tale(retold)- 1965 – Illustrator Beatrice Darwin
TW- 938- Lewis, George Q.- The Dictionary of Bloopers and Boners- 1967 – Illustrator Alan Moyler
TW- 954- Freeman, Mae- The Real Magnet Book- 1967 – Illustrator Norman Bridwell
TW- 957- Peterson, John- How to Write Codes and Secret Messages- original copyright 1966
TW- 987- Derwent, Lavinia- Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours- 1967 – Illustrator Joe Lasker
TW- 988- Ryp,Ellen Stern, editor-Arrow Book of Baseball Fun-Illustrator: George Wilde
TW- 997- Selsam, Millicent E.- Questions and Answers About Ants- original copyright 1967
TW-1006- Lauber, Patricia- The Friendly Dolphins- 1963- Illustrator: William Bartlett
TW-1012- Einsel, Walter- Did You Ever See?- 1962- Author Illustrated
TW-1019- Krauss, Ruth- The Happy Egg- original copyright 1967- Illustrator: Crockett Johnson
TW-1038- Myers, Bernice- Not This Bear- Author illustrated
TW-1046- Graves, Charles- Marco Polo- 1967
TW-1069- Conger, Lesley- Three Giant Stories- 1968
TW-1075- Raskin, Ellen- Nothing Ever Happens on my Block- 1967
TW-1077- Blait, Susan- The Three Billy-Goats Gruff- 1963- Author illustrated
TW-1079- Dennis, Wesley- Tumble:The Story of a Mustang- Author illustrated
TW-1129- Stevens, Carla- Rabbit and Skunk and Spooks- 1967- Illustrator: Robert Kraus
TW-1152- Withers, Carl- Favorite Rhymes from a Rocket in My Pocket- November 1967
TW-1158- Peterson,John- The Littles- 1967 – Illustrator Roberta Carter Clark
TW-1165- Udry, Janice May- Let’s Be Enemies- Illustrator: Maurice Sendak
TW-1166- Krauss, Ruth- Bears- 1968 – Illustrator Phyllis Rowand
TW-1179- Bridwell,Norman- A Tiny Family-1968- Author Illustrated
TW-1188- Moore, Lilian- Everything Happens To Stuey-1967- Illustrator: Mary Stevens
TW-1189- Lauber, Patricia- Champ, A Collie-1968
TW-1203- Davidson, Margaret- Frederick Douglass Fights For Freedom
TW-1204- Krasilovsky, Phyllis- The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes- November 1967
TW-1219-  Lucky Book Club,retold –  The Gingerbread Man- 1967- Illustrator: Ed Arno
TW-1222- Hurd,Edith Thacher- Stop Stop- March 1969
TW-1223- Wyler, Rose & Gerald Ames- Magic Secrets- Illustrator: Talivaldis Stubis
TW-1231- Thompson,Vivian L.- Sad Day, Glad Day- 1968- Illustrator: Lilian Obligado
TW-1269- McGovern, Ann- If You Sailed on the Mayflower- 1969- Illustrator: J.B. Handelsman
TW-1273- Elkin, Benjamin- Six Foolish Fishermen-1968
TW-1274- Moore, Lilian- I Feel the Same Way- April 1968
TW-1275- Moore, Lilian-Little Raccoon and The Thing In The Pool-
TW-1282  Waber, Bernard- Lorenzo
TW-1283- Burton, Virginia Lee- Calico The Wonder Horse- 1968
TW-1302- Bright, Robert- Georgie-
TW 1307- Heide, Florence Parry- Some Things are Scary-January 1969- Illustrator: Robert Osborn
TW-1311- Leaf, Munro- Gordon the Goat-1968
TW-1316- Craig,M.J. (retold)- The Three Wishes- 1968- Illustrator: Rosalind Frey
TW-1329- McGovern, Ann- Ghostly Fun- 1970- Illustrator: Marvin Glass
TW-1338- Martin, Judith and Remy Charlip- The Tree Angel- original copyright 1962
TW-1342- McGovern, Ann- Stone Soup- Illustrator: Nola Langner- Dec 1968
TW-1343- Moore, Eva- The Fairy Tale Life of Hans Christian Andersen- original copyright 1969- Illustrator: Trina Schart Hymen
TW-1359- Lauber, Patricia- Science Book of Volcanoes – With additional material on Surtsey by the author- Illustrated by Matthew Kalmenoff
TW-1361- Bridwell, Norman- The Country Cat- Author Illustrated
TW-1367- Van Gelder, Rosalind- Tricky Questions to Fool Your  Friends (formerly Monkeys Have Tails)-1968- Illustrator:                       Boche Kaplan
TW-1378- Peterson, John- High-Flying Kite-1969- Author Illustrated
TW-1386- Davidson, Margaret- Helen Keller- December 1969- Illustrator: Wendy Watson
TW-1404-                   – Old MacDonald Had a Farm- January 1969
TW 1405- Anderson, Hans Christian- The Ugly Duckling- Illustrator: Trina Schart Hyman
TW-1421- Peterson, John-  Mystery In The Night Woods-  Illustrator: Cyndy Szekeres
TW-1459- Brown, Margaret Wise- Little Fur Family- 1970- Illustrator: Garth Williams
TW-1468- Katchen, Carole- The Underground Light Bulb- November 1969
TW-1481- Myers, Bernice- Come Out, Shadow Wherever You Are!- 1970 – Author Illustrated
TW-1482- Myers, Bernice- My Mother Is Lost- 1970- Author illustrated
TW 1484- Wyler, Rose and Gerald Ames- Spooky Tricks-September 1969- Ilustrator: Talivaldis Stubis
TW-1486- Greene. Carla- Animal Doctors: What Do They Do?- 1969- Illustrator: Leonard Kessler
TW-1487- Bridwell, Norman- What Do They Do When It Rains?- 1969
TW-1524- Fry,Rosalind- A Ghost, a Witch and a Goblin, Three Folk Tales- 1970
TW-1543- Lexau, Joan- The Christmas Secret- 1969- Illustrator: Don Bolognese
TW-1555- Simon, Tony- The Moon Explorers- 1970- Illustrated with photographs; drawings by Lloyd Birmingham
TW-1557- Bridwell, Norman- Clifford’s Tricks- 1969- Author illustrated
TW-1564- Craig, M. Jean- The Adventures of Tom Thumb- 1972- Illustrators: Haig & Regina Shekerjian
TW-1581- McGovern, Ann- The Sioux Indians- 1972- Illustrator: Beatrice Darwin
TW-1586- Brondfield, Jerry- 100 Years of Football- 1969- Illustrator: Charles Beck
TW-1592- Martin ,Judith-  Jumping Beans- 1970?- illustrator: Remy Charlip
TW 1615- Schulz,Charles- Peanuts Cook Book- recipes June Dutton, original copyright 1969
TW-1656- Wojciechowska, Maia- Hey, What’s Wrong With This One? – 1970- illustrator: Joan Sandin
TW-1688- Bridwell, Norman- How to Care for Your Monster-original copyright 1970
TW-1669- Orgel, Doris- Merry, Rose, and Christmas-Tree June – 1969
TW-1671- Asimov, Isaac- Space Dictionary- Illustrated with    black and white photgraphs
TW-1672- Wood,Dorothy-The Mountain Lion and Other Cats (originally: The Cat Family)- 1968- photographic illustrations
TW-1679- Arkhurst, Joyce Cooper- The Adventures of Spider- Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney
TW-1707- Clymer, Eleanor- The Big Pile of Dirt- 1971- Illustrator: Ben Shecter
TW-1715- Peterson, John- Mean Max Chickens Out- September 1970 Illustrator: Janet Compere
TW-1729- Keats, Ezra Jack- My Dog is Lost!-September 1970
TW-1734- Piers, Helen- The Mouse Book- 1966- Illustrated with photographs by the author.
TW-1742  Wyler, Rose – Real Science Riddles – Illustrator: Talivaldis Stubis-  Jan 1971
TW-1759- Freeman, Mae- The Wonderful Looking-Through Glass- 1970- Illustrated with photographs
TW-1784- Davidson, Margaret-Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind- 1971- Illustrator: Janet Compere
TW-1793- Bridwell, Norman- The Witch’s Christmas- 1970- Author illustrated
TW-1794- Chance,E.B.-Just In Time for the King’s Birthday- 1970- Illustrator: Arline Meyer
TW-1801- Schulz, Charles- Happiness is a Warm Puppy- November 1970
TW-1815- Selsam, Millicent E.- Hidden Animals- 1970- Illustrated with photographs
TW-1836- Low, Joseph- There Was A Wise Crow- 1971- Author illustrated
TW-1863- Newell, Hope- The Little Old Woman- Illustrator: Margaret Ruse
TW-1867- Mosler, Gerard- Beastly Brain Teasers- 1972- Illustrator: George Wild
TW-1928-:Peterson, John – The Littles Have a Wedding- 1971
TW-1932  Silverberg, Robert- Treasures Beneath the Sea
TW-1944- Clark, Margery- Three Stories from the Poppy Seed Cakes- 1972- Illustrators: Maud & Miska Petersham
TW-1951- Gross, Ruth Belov- What Is That Alligator Saying?-  Illustrator: John Hawkinson
TW-1956- Cebulash, Mel- Willie’s Pet- Illustrator: Harvey Weiss
TW-1962- Wiseman, B.- Morris the Moose Goes to School- Author Illustrated
TW-1963- Hoban, Russell- A Bargain For Frances- Illustrator: Lillian Hoban
TW-1981- Merrill, Claire- A Seed Is A Promise- Illustrator: Susan Swan
TW-1996- Benchley, Nathaniel- Sam The Minuteman- 1972- Illustrator: Arnold Lobel
TW-2000- Bridwell, Norman- Monster Jokes and Riddles- Author Illustrated
TW-2005- Martin, Patricia M.- Raccoon and Mrs. McGinnis
TW-2010- Wise,William- In The Time of The Dinosaur-Illustrator: Lewis Zacks
TW-2021- Lobel, Anita- Under a Mushroom- December 1971
TW-2028- Coombs, Charles- Drag Racing- original copyright 1970
TW-2065- Schulz, Charles- Happiness is a Sad Song- 1971
TW-2069- Nodset, Joan L.- Go Away, Dog- January 1972
TW-2079- Kessler, Leonard- Mr. Pine’s Mixed Up Signs- 1972
TW-2087- Berger, Melvin- Stars- 1971- Illustrator: Marilyn Miller
TW-2172: Bulla., Clyde Robert-Viking Adventure- 1974
TW-2173- Krauss, Ruth- Everything Under a Mushroom- Nov 1973- Illustrator: Margot Tomes
TW-2177- Gross, Ruth Belov-Snakes- Photographic Illustrations
TW-2201- Branley, Franklyn M.- A Book of Planets For You- Illustrator: Leonard Kessler
TW-2221- Selsam, Millicent E.- Questions And Answers About Horses- 1973- Illustrator: Robert J. Lee
TW-2222- Robinson, Nancy K..- The Howling Monkeys: Ray Carpenter’s Expedition- 1973- Illustrator: Bill Tinker
TW-2236- Alexander, Martha- Bobo’s Dream- December 1972
TW-2243- Bridwell,Norman- Clifford the Small Red Puppy-September 1972
TW 2244- Parish, Peggy- Come Back, Amelia Bedelia- Illustrator: Walter Tripp
TW 2248- Lobel, Arnold- Frog and Toad Together- Illustrator: Walter Tripp
TW-2258- Zolotow, Charlotte- The Hating Book – April 1973- Illustrator: Ben Shecter
TW-2262- Wiesner, William- Silly Questions and Funny Answers-1973- Author Illustrated
TW-2264- Moore, Lilian- Spooky Rhymes- 1972- Illustrator: Ib Ohlsson
TW-2265- Patrick,Gloria-A Bug in a Jug  and Other Funny Rhymes-1972- Illustrator: Joan Hanson
TW-2267- Kraus, Robert- The Littlest Rabbit-1973
TW-2272- Estes, Eleanor- The Hundred Dresses- January 1973-
TW-2282- Gault, Clare & Frank- Norman Plays Second Base- 1973 – Illustrator: Bernice Myers
TW-2295- Peterson, John-The Littles’ Surprise Party-1972- Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark
TW-2305- Lauber, Patricia- Earthquakes- original copyright 1972
TW-2309- Littledale, Freya- The Magic Tablecloth- 1972- Illustrator: Alfred Olschewski
TW-2398- Froman, Robert- Thomas the Tiger Teacher -November 1973
TW-2403- Tarcov,Edith H.(retold)- Rumplestiltskin-1973- Illustrator: Edward Gorey
TW-2426- May, Charles Paul- Left by Themselves (original title Stranger in the Storm)- March 1973- Illustrator: Victor Ambrus
TW-2431- Shulz, Charles; recipes by June Dutton- Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book- Illustrator: Charles Schulz
TW-2433- Ross,Jr, Frank-Racing Cars and Great Races- 1973- Photographic Illustrations
TW-2439- Gault, Clare and Frank-How To Be a Good Baseball Player- Illustrator: Dick Ericson
TW-2444- Perkins, Al- King Midas and The Golden Touch- Illustrators: Haig and Regina Shekerjian
TW-2445- Lobel, Arnold- Mouse Tales- Author Illustrated

TW-2513- Burness, Tad- Indianapolis 500 Winners- 1974
TW-2528- Houston, James- Ghost Paddle- 1972- Author Illustrated
TW-2532- Bridwell, Norman- The Witch’s Vacation- 1973- Author Illustrated
TW-2536- Parish, Peggy- Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower- December 1973
TW-2537-Chardiet, Bernice (retold)- Monkeys and Water Monsters-April 1974- Illustrator: Rainey Bennett
TW 2540-              -Hansel and Gretel- original copyright- 1974
TW-2541- Davidson, Margaret,- Nine True Dolphin Stories- 1974- Illustrator: Roger Wilson
TW-2543- Barry, James R.Dar Tellum- original copyright 1973- Illustrator: Ken Longtemps
TW-2545- Moore,Eva M., retold- Dick Whittington and his Cat-February 1974
TW-2548- Becker,John- Seven Little Rabbits-original copyright 1973
TW-2551- Wiseman, B.- Morris the Moose
TW-2609- McGovern, Ann- The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving- 1973
TW-2643- Miller, Alice- The Little Corner Store- 1973-Illustrator: Lisl Weil
TW-2686- Bridwell, Norman- Clifford’s Riddles- original copyright 1974
TW-2690- Burch, Robert- The Christmas Present (Original title: Renfroe’s Christmas)- 1968
TW-2848- Tarcov, Edith H.- The Frog Prince- 1974- Illustrator: James Marshall
TW-2752- Wiseman, B.- 3 Stories About Morris and Boris-March 1974
TW-2888- Schneider, Herman and Nina- Got A Minute?- 1975- Illustrator: Leonard Kessler
TW-2907- Ipcar. Dahlov- Too Many Animals- 1974- Author Illustrated
TW 2908- Epstein, Sam and Beryl- Look in the Mirror- 1974- Illustrator:Tomie de Paola
TW-2909- Hirsh, Marilyn- Ben Goes Into Business- 1974 Author Illustrated.
TW-2910- Bridwell, Norman- Monster Holidays-
TW-2920- Schwartz, Julius- Magnify and Find Out Why- 1974-Illustrator: Richard Cuffari
TW-2926- Corbett, Scott- Dr. Merlin’s Magic Shop- Illustrator: Joe Mathieu
TW-2929- Gualt, Clare & Frank- Norman Joins the Football Team- 1974- Illustrator: Bernice Myers
TW-2930- Galdone, Paul- The Little Red Hen- Author Illustrated
TW-2970- Miles, Miska- Chicken Forgets- Illustrator: Jerry Robinson
TW-2942- Tashjian, Virginia A.- Juba This and Juba That- Illustrator: Victoria deLarrea
TW-2983- Minarik, Else Holmelund- Cat And Dog- 1975- Illustrator: Fritz Siebel
TW-3029- Tarcov, Edith H.- Three Famous Stories- 1975- Illustrator: Rainey Bennett
TW-3031- Bornstein, Ruth- Indian Bunny- 1974- Author illustrated
TW-3048- Freeman, Mae and Ira- Arrow Book of Space- original copyright 1976
TW-3054- Sharks-McGovern, Ann- Illustrator: Murray Tinkleman
TW-3120- Ormsby, Alan- Movie Monsters- September 1975-
TW-3161- Young,Jim When the Whale Came To My Town- Illustrated: Photographs by Dan Bernstein
TW-3171- Fleischman, Sid-The Ghost On Saturday Night- Illustrator: Eric Von Schmidt
TW-3191- Simon, Tony- Far Out Tales, retold (original title: Ripsnorters and Ribticklers)- April 1975
TW-3199- Freeman, Mae Blacker- Do You Know About Stars?- Illustrator: George Solonovich
TK- 3212- Corcoran, Barbara- The Watching Eyes- 1968- Illustrator: Bob Dacey
TW-3220- Moskin, Marietta-Lysbet and the Fire Kittens- Illustrator: Margot Tomes
TW-3234- Wiseman, Bernard- Halloween with Morris and Boris- 1973- author illustrated
TW-3243:-Epstein, Beryl- Lucky,  Lucky White Horse- 1975
TW-3247- Peterson, John- Tom Little’s Great Halloween Scare- Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark
TW-3262- Fife, Dale- Who Goes There, Lincoln- Illustrator: Paul Galdone
TW-3265- Gault, Clare and Frank- The Harlem Globetrotters and Basketball’s Funniest Games- original copyright 1976
TW-3304- Myrick, Mildred- The Secret Three- 1976- Illustrator: Arnold Lobel
TW-3385- Sutton, Eve- My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes- Illustrator: Lynley Dodd
TW-3408- Weil, Lisa- Even for a Mouse- original copyright 1976- Author Illustrated
TW-3441- Davis, Burke- King Snake – Illustrator: Albert Michini
TW-3452- Golden-Gelmannnn, Rita – Why Can’t I Fly? – Illustrator: Jack Kent
TW-3465- Taylor, Mark- Jennie Jenkins- Illustrator: Glen Rounds
TW-3514- Hoban, Lillian- Arthur’s Honey Bear- Author illustrated
TW-3975- Miles, Miska- Chicken Forgets- Illustrator: Jerry Robinson
TW-3516- Lovitt, Chip- Magic Wanda’s Dynamite Magic Book- Illustrator: Peter Vadnai- 1976
TW-3609- Larrick, Nancy, editor- More Poetry For Holidays- Illustrator: Harold Berson
TW-3615- Davies, Andrew- The Fantastic Feats of Doctor Boox- Illustrator: Tony Escott
TW-3616- Littledale, Freya, retold- The Snow Child- Illustrator: Leon Shtainmets
TW-3617- Peterson, John- The Littles and the Trash Tinies- 1977- Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark
TW-3637- Hirsh, Marilyn- The Rabbi and the Twenty-nine Witches- 1976-
TW-3714- Gross, Ruth Belov- Dangerous Adventure! Lindbergh’s Famous Flight- 1977- Illustrator: Susanne Suba
TW-3719- Stevens, Carla- Bear’s Magic and Other Stories-1976- Illustrator: Robert J. Lee
TW-3720- Craig, M. Jean- Questions and Answers About Weather-  Illustrator: Judith Craig
TW-3781- Gilbreath, Alice- More Fun and Easy Things To Make (original title: More Beginning Crafts for Beginning Readers)-  1976- Illustrator:Joe Rogers
TW-3794- Gelman, Rita Golden- Cats and Mice- 1979
TW-3812- McHargue, Georgess- Meet The Werewolf- Illustrators: Ted Hanke (cover) Drawings by Stephen Gammell
TW-3848- Davis, Mac -The Greatest In Baseball-1977
TW-3865- Miklowitz, Gloria D. and Peter Desberg- Ghastly Ghostly Riddles- 1977
TW-3932- Russell, Franklin- Hawk in the Sky- Illustrator: Fredric C  Sweney
TW-3934- Gault, Clare and Frank- A Super Fullback For The Superbowl- Illustrator: Syd Hoff
TW-3935- Eisenberg, Lisa and Katy Hall- Chicken Jokes and Puzzles- 1977-  Illustrator: Tom Eaton
TW-3975- Miles, Miska- Chicken Forgets- Illustrator: Jerry Robinson
TW-3981- Davidson, Margaret- Five True Horse Stories- 1979-  Illustrator: Leo Summers
TW-3997- Holland, Marion- The Christmas Tree Crisis (Original Title: A Tree For Teddy)
TW-3998- Barchas, Sarah- Janie and the Giant- Illustrator:  Jack Kent
TW-4000- Bancroft, Henrietta & Van Gelder, Richard G.- Animals In Winter- 1963- Illustrator: Gaetano di Palma
TW-4001- Balestrino, Philip- The Skeleton Inside You- Illustrator: Don Bolognese
TW-4005- Gelman, R and SK Buxbaum- Ouch! All About Cuts and Hurts- 1977- Illustrator:  Jan Pyk
TW-4066- Lobel, Arnold- Mouse Soup- original copyright 1977
TW-4079- Ipcar, Dahlov- Bring In The Pumpkins- original title: Hard Scrabble Harvest-
TW-4087- Walter, Marion- Another Magic Mirror Book- original title: Look At Annette- Illustrator:  Navah Haber-Schaim
TW-4217- Tallon, Robert- Fish Story- original copyright 1977
TW-4259- Piper, Eileen- The Magician’s Trap- Illustrator: Alan Daniel
TW-4282- Myers, Bernice- Little Bear in the Big City- original copyright 1978
TW-4302- Bulla, Clyde Robert- Take Care of Dexter- original copyright 1973
TW-4337- Bridwell, Norman- Kangaroo Stew- 1978 – Author Illustrated
TW-4377- Razzi, Jim and Mary- The Dennis Bones Mystery Book- 1978- Illustrator: Carter Jones
TW-4414- Fellows, Len- Puzzle Magic- original copyright 1979
TW-4416- Gross, Ruth- A Book About Your Skeleton- 1978
TW-4452- Herda, D.J.- How To Take Good Pictures- Illustrator: Shelley Dieterichs
TW-4459- Rockwell, Anne- Coco’s Car Breaks Down- Author Illustrated
TW-4473- Taylor, Paula- Pythons: Giant Snakes- 1979- llustrator: Gloria Kamen
TW-4592- Siiteri, Helen- A Play based on the author’s Christmas Tale: The Adventures of Nicholas- 1979-
TW-4623- Shaw, Evelyn- Alligator- original copyright 1972

TJ holds titles for preschoolers consistently. There are nursery rhymes, stories about real animals, and ones about fictional animals like Frances, and Winnie the Pooh. There are also some teacher resources in this category like games for the classroom and creative bulletin boards.


TJ-  366- Schneider, Herman and Nina- How Big is Big – copyright 1946*
TJ-  367- Rey, H.A. – Curious George Rides A Bike- July 1971- Author Illustrated
TJ-  368- Dennis, Wesley- Flip- Author Illustrated
TJ-  411- Cameron, Polly- I Can’t said the ant-1961
TJ-  413- Rey, H.A. – Curious George Gets a Medal- Author Illustrated
TJ-  424- Freeman, Mae and Ira- Fun With Astronomy- Illustrated with photographs
TJ-  446- Pine, Tillie S.- The Indians Knew-
TJ-  457- Bridwell, Norman – Zany Zoo- 1963- Author illustrated
TJ-  458- Selsam, Millicent- How To Be A Nature Detective- 1963- Illustrator: Ezra Jack Keats
TJ-  492- Rey, H.A.- Curious George – 1970- Author Illustrated
TJ-  493- Rey, H.A.- Curious George Takes A Job- Author Illustrated
TJ-  529- Hader, Bertha and Elmer- The Mighty Hunter- 1964
TJ-  682- Weiss, Harvey- Pencil, Pen, and Brush-
TJ-  731- Bonne, Rose-  I Know an Old Lady- 1961
TJ-  746- Bale, Jan – What Makes an Orchestra?
TJ-  822- Langner, Nola-  Hi Diddle Diddle-
TJ-  824- Green, Nancy-  The Bigger Giant- 1966- Illustrator: Betty Fraser
TJ-  848- Ames, Gerald and Wyler, Rose- First Days of The World- 1966
TJ-  849- Harvey Weiss,Clay, Wood and Wire, original  copyright 1965*
TJ-  864- Milne. A.A.- Three Stories from Winnie the Pooh-  Illustrator: Ernest H. Shepard
TJ-  866- Hoban, Russell- Charlie The Tramp-1966-  Illustrator: Lillian Hoban
TJ-  921- Hoban, Russell- Bread and Jam for Frances-  Illustrator: Lillian Hoban
TJ-  932- Wilber, Irwin- Folksong Festival- 1966*
TJ-  936- Ungerer, Tomi- Crictor- Author illustrated
TJ-  963  Ets, Marie Hall- Just Me- 1965*
TJ-  973- Leaf,Munro- NOODLE- Illustrator: Ludwig Bemelmans
TJ- 1025- Udry, Janice May- What Mary Jo Shared- 1967- Illustrator: Eleanor Mill
TJ- 1028- McGovern,Ann- Too Much Noise- 1967*
TJ- 1076- Heide, Florence Parry & Sylvia Worth van Clief- That’s What Friends Are For- Illustrator: Brinton Turkle
TJ- 1096- Kay, Helen- Apron On, Apron Off- October 1968*
TJ- 1106-Carroll, Ruth-What Whiskers Did- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1113- McCloskey, Robert- Make Way For Ducklings- 1968- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1149- Fatio, Louise- The Happy Lion- October 1968*
TJ- 1151- Selsam, Mildred- All Kinds of Babies- 1967-  Illustrator: Symeon Shimin
TJ- 1167- Barnaby, Ralph S,Capt US Navy (ret)- How to Make & Fly Paper Airplanes- 1968- author illustrated
TJ- 1178- Zion,Gene- No Roses for Harry!-January 1968*
TJ- 1181- Keats, Ezra Jack- Whistle for Willie- copyright 1964*
TJ- 1233- Ardizzone, Edward- Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain- 1968
TJ- 1242- Garelick, May- What’s Inside? The Egg That Hatched- 1968 – Illustrated with photographs by Rita Jakobsen
TJ- 1253- Nodset, Joan L.- Who Took The
TJ- 1278- Waber, Bernard- Rich Cat, Poor Cat- 1969 –
TJ- 1279- Burton, Virginia Lee- Choo Choo The Runaway Engine-    copyright 1937*
TJ- 1289- Zion, Gene- The Plant Sitter-March 1969*
TJ- 1293- McCloskey, Robert- Lentil- 1968- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1306- Rey, H.A.- Curious George Goes to the Hospital- 1971- author illustrated
TJ- 1333- Fortunata- Catch A Little Fox- September 1968-       Illustrator:  Brinton Turkle
TJ- 1344- Japanese poets-  Silly MysteriesDon’t Tell The Scarecrow and Other Japanese Poems-1969- Illustrator: Talvadis Stubis
TJ- 1366- Wyler, Rose and Gerald Ames-  Secrets In Stones-1970- Illustrated with photographs by Gerald Ames
TJ- 1376- Hornick, Joanne-  Elementary Creative Bulletin Boards-1969- Illustrator: Dan Dickas
TJ- 1403- Craig, M. Jean- Little Monsters- 1976
TJ- 1417- Krasilovsky, Phyllis- The Cow Who Fell In The Canal-1968
TJ- 1422- Merriam, Eve- Bam Zam Zoom! A Building Book- Illustrated and with photos by William Lightfoot
TJ- 1443- Moore, Eva- The Lucky Cookbook for Boys and Girls
TJ- 1491- Galdone,Paul- Henny Penny-1969 Illustrator: Author
TJ- 1458- Krauss, Ruth- A Very Special House- September 1970*
TJ- 1498- Rey, Margaret- Pretzel-1970- Illustrator: H.A. Rey
TJ- 1461- Sonneborn, Ruth A.The Lollipop Party- 1969*
TJ- 1505- Ets,Marie- Gilberto and The Wind- 1970
TJ- 1511- Bright, Robert- Georgie and the Robbers- 1969*
TJ- 1526- Dennis,Wesley- Flip and the Cows-1970*
TJ- 1539-  Wildsmith, Brian- Brian Wildsmith’s Mother Goose- 1969*- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1605- Moore, Eva- Johnny Appleseed- 1970- Illustrator: Beatrice Darwin
TJ- 1612- Parry, Marion- City Mouse – Country Mouse and Two More Mouse Stories from Aesop – Author Illustrated
TJ- 1616- Selsam, Millicent E.- How Puppies Grow- copyright 1971*
TJ- 1644-  Hawkinson, John and Martha Faulhaber-  Music and Instruments for Children to Make- 1975- Illustrator: John Hawkinson
TJ- 1649- Galdone, Paul- The Three Little Pigs- 1970- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1661- Yashima, Taro- Crow Boy- 1974- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1673- Preston, Edna Mitchell- The Temper Tantrum Book- Illustrator: Rainy Bennet
TJ- 1698- Freeman, Mae -Gravity and the Astronauts- 1970-Illustrator: Beatrice Darwin
TJ- 1725- McGovern, Ann -Little Wolf- Illustrator: Nola Langner
TJ- 1792- Lionni, Leo- Inch by Inch- 1971 Author Illustrated
TJ- 1796- Gross, Ruth Belov- What Do Animals Eat?- 1971* Illustrator: Don Bolognese
TJ- 1833- Selsam, Millicent E.- Is This a Baby Dinosaur?-1971*
TJ- 1835- Chernoff, Goldie Taub- Just A Box?- 1971- Illustrator: Margaret Hartelius
TJ- 1845- Steptoe, John- Stevie-1971*– Author illustrated
TJ- 1846- Gross, Ruth Belov – Money Money Money – 1971 – Illustrator- Leslie Jacobs
TJ- 1847- Krauss, Ruth- The Happy Day- 1974*
TJ- 1853- Slepian, Jan  and Ann Seidler- The Hungry Thing – Illustrateor:  Richard E, Martin.
TJ- 1868- Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm- Little Red Riding Hood- 1971*
TJ- 1883- Rounds, Glen- Wild Horses Red Desert- 1971
TJ- 1885- Martin, Patricia Miles- Calvin and the Cub Scouts-  1971*
TJ- 1938- Weil, Lisl -Monkey Trouble- 1971- Author Illustrated
TJ- 1954- Merriam, Eve- Mommies At Work- 1971- Illustrator: Beni Montresor
TJ- 1994- Chernoff, Boldie- Puppet Party- 1971
TJ- 2002- Gross, Ruth Belov – The Laugh Book – 1971 – Illustrator- Leslie Jacobs
TJ- 2014- Motoviloff, Ellen- The Jackson 5- 1972
TJ- 2016- Landin, Leslie & Dumas, Enoch-Blackboard Games: For Review of Social Studies, Math and Language Arts,  1971- Illustrators: William Hunter& Jean E. Dumas
TJ- 2025- Turkle, Brinton-The Sky Dog,  1969*- Illustrator: Paul Galdone
TJ- 2068- Zion, Gene- Dear Garbage Man- Mar 1972- Illustrator: Margaret Bloy Graham
TJ- 2088- Dobrin, Arnold- Gerbils- 1971-
TJ- 2166- Bridwell, Norman- Crazy Zoo (original title: Zany Zoo)- Author Illustrated
TJ -2168- Brown, Jeff- Flat Stanley- 1972*
TJ- 2215- Skaar, Grace -What Do The Animals Say?- 1972- Author Illustrated
TJ- 2256- Mallett, Anne- The Secret Kitten- copyright 1972*
TJ- 2260- Brown, Margaret Wise -The Little Fireman-1975
TJ- 2266- Gross, Ruth Belov- A Book About Pandas- Photographs
TJ- 2268- Hoban, Russell- A Birthday for Frances-copyright 1968*
TJ- 2271- Swift, Hildegarde & Lynd Ward- The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray BridgeTJ- 2302- Langner, Nola- Cinderella, Retold and illustrated by
TJ- 2334- McGovern, Ann- The Underwater World of the Coral Reef – 1976 – Photographic illustrations
TJ- 2372- Rudden, Kenneth- Wilt Chamberlain-1973-  Illustrator: Frank Mullins
TJ- 2534- Moore, Eva- The Cookie Book-1973-  Illustrator: Talivaldis Stubis
TJ- 2632- Langstaff. John- Frog Went A-Courtin- Illustrator: Feodor Rojankovsky
TJ- 2633- Temko, Florence- Paper Capers: All Kinds of Things To Make With Paper, 1974- Illustrator: Linda Winchester
TJ- 2666  Wolf, Pearl, Gorilla Baby:  The Story of Patty Cake,  original copyright 1974*
TJ- 2707- Hayward, Bose- The Country Bunny and The Little Gold- Illustrator: Marjorie Hack
TJ- 2277- Bright, Robert- Georgie and The Noisy Ghost- 1975- Author Illustrated
TJ- 2534- Moore, Eva- The Cookie Book-1973- Illustrator: Talvaldis Stubis
TJ- 2633- Temko, Florence- Paper Capers- Illustrator: Linda Winchester
TJ- 2961- Aliki- Fossils Tell of Long Ago- 1974-Author Illustrated
TJ- 2334- Watson, Clyde- Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes-  1974- Illustrator: Wendy Watson
TJ- 2883- Peterson,John-  Silly Mysteries- March 1975- Illustrator: Garth Williams
TJ- 2958- Rose, Anne-  Akimba and the Magic Cow- March 1976- Illustrator: Hope Meryman
TJ- 3070- Pettigrew, Shirley- There Was An Old Lady Who Once Saw A Ghost-1975 – Illustrator: Steve Henry
TJ-3119- Chernoff, Goldie Taub- Easy Costumes You Don’t Have to Sew- Costumes designed and illustrated by Margaret A. Hartelius
TJ- 3140- Branley, Franklin- Big Tracks, Little Tracks-  Illustrator: Leonard Kessler
TJ- 3152- Selsam,  Millicent and Joyce Hunt- A First Look At Birds- Feb 1975- Illustrator: Harriett Springer
TJ- 3196- Selsam, Millicent E.- Animals of the Sea, copyright           1975*
TJ- 3198- Lexau, Joan- The Spider Makes a Web-
TJ- 3299- Condit, Martha Olson-  Easy To Make Good To Eat- 1976- Illustrator: Beatrice Darwin
TJ- 3384  Preston, Edna Mitchell- Squawk to the Moon, Little Goose- December 1975*
TJ- 3392- Armour, Richard- Sea Full of Whales- 1979- Illustrator: Paul Galdone
TJ- 3472- de Paola, Tomie- Charlie Needs a Cloak, original copyright 1973* -Author illustrated
TJ- 3476- Graham, Margaret Bloy- Be Nice To Spiders- 1967
TJ- 3493- Emberley, Ed- Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals- 1976 -Author illustrated
TJ- 3499- Dixon, Paige- A Time To Love A Time To Mourn- 1977
TJ- 3547- Schulz, Charles M.- It’s a Mystery, Charlie Brown -Author illustrated
TJ- 3551- Jack Kent’s Twelve Days of Christmas*
TJ- 3555- Ylla- Animal Babies- Arthur Gregor
TJ- 3570- Bridwell, Norman-  The Witch’s Catalog- 1976- Author Illustrated
TJ- 3574- Hartelius, Margaret- The Chicken’s Child- 1975- Author Illustrated
TJ- 3607- Pinkwater, Daniel Manus- The Big Orange Splot
TJ- 3622- Schulz, Charles M- Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown- Author Illustrated
TJ- 3728- Baum,Thomas- Hugo the Hippo-1976* – Author Illustrated
TJ- 3803- Haas. Irene- The Maggie B- 1975
TJ- 3813- Leaf, Monro- Metric Can Be Fun!- 1979
TJ- 3969- Reigot, Betty- Wake Up, It’s Night- Illustrator: H. Palmer
TJ- 3976- Segal, Lore-  Tell Me A Mitzi- 1977- Illustrator: Harriet Pincus
TJ- 4058- Gackenbach, Dick- Harry and the Terrible Whatzit- Author Illustrated
TJ- 4101- Gross, Ruth Belov- If You Were a Ballet Dancer- 1979- Illustrated with photographs
TJ- 4159- Keats, Ezra Jack-The Trip- 1978*
TJ- 4211- Littledale, Freya from the original by Carlo Collodi-  Pinocchio- 1979- Illustrator: Attilio Mussino; Cover by Ted Hanke
TJ- 4220- Greenfield, Eloise- First Pink Light-1976*
TJ- 4334- Gates, Frieda- Glove, Mitten, and Sock Puppets- 1978
TJ- 4341- Steig, William- Caleb & Kate- 1977- Author Illustrated
TJ- 4482- Brenner, Barbara- Our Class Presents, Ostrich Feathers, A Play in Two Acts- 1978- Illustrator: Vera B. Williams
TJ- 4500- Richards, Jane- A Horse Grows Up- 1972- Phorgraphic Illustrations by Bert Hardy
TJ- 4685- Hoban, Russell- Best Friends For Frances-  Illustrator: Lillian Hoban


About vintagescholastics

I love these old Scholastics! I am a bookseller, writer, and dog-lover; live at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains of New York with my computer-programmer husband. We love motor-cycle riding, renovating our old camp on Lake Desolation, gardening, and researching our genealogy. The purpose of this blog is to highlight those beloved old books from the Scholastic Book fairs from 1950 - 1979. This will serve as a catalogue of the books, with their identifying numbers, a plot summary, and a photo of the cover; with a searchable index. I want to give all of the writers and illustrator's bios so they get credit (many were writers in the summer while on vacation from their regular schoolteaching jobs.; some are lesser known efforts by very famous people; and some are reprinted classics.) Hopefully, their fans will be able to identify favorite titles with snipets of remembered information. We will always be adding new ones, and welcome your submissions
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  1. Diana says:

    My Name is Diana I just found in my crate of books a book by Rutherford Montgomery of Gray Wolf. The copyright date is 1938. Can someone give me some information on this book. The cover on the paperback book is different than the one you have here on your page. On the cover is two wolves fighting.

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