Sounder by William. H. Armstrong TK2371


Sounder by William. H. Armstrong TK2371

Sounder by William. H. Armstrong TK2371

Sounder by William. H. Armstrong, TK2371, 3rd Scholastic paperback printing, 1973, 116 pages. Illustrated with photos from the Twentieth Century Fox movie.

DESCRIPTION: William H. Armstrong stated in his author’s note that this story is the true story of a black man who attended his white man’s church.

“The boy can’t blot out the terrible events…his father seized and taken away by the sheriff’s men…and Sounder, racing after them, struck down by a shotgun blast…
The boy reaches for the lantern on the cabin wall. ‘I got to look for Sounder,’ he tells his mother. ‘I just got to know if he’s alive.'” (from the back cover)


About vintagescholastics

I love these old Scholastics! I am a bookseller, writer, and dog-lover; live at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains of New York with my computer-programmer husband. We love motor-cycle riding, renovating our old camp on Lake Desolation, gardening, and researching our genealogy. The purpose of this blog is to highlight those beloved old books from the Scholastic Book fairs from 1950 - 1979. This will serve as a catalogue of the books, with their identifying numbers, a plot summary, and a photo of the cover; with a searchable index. I want to give all of the writers and illustrator's bios so they get credit (many were writers in the summer while on vacation from their regular schoolteaching jobs.; some are lesser known efforts by very famous people; and some are reprinted classics.) Hopefully, their fans will be able to identify favorite titles with snipets of remembered information. We will always be adding new ones, and welcome your submissions
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